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  1. jolica

    Duals S

    As the title says , I want to sell Duals S grade clean.
  2. What? English please ,if you want to comment on the English part of the forum . Thank you .
  3. Hello , I know you are busy with the update and you have a personal life but could we have one more event ? The last one was fun even if I didn't get anything . New people came to server and this would a great boost for them and why not for the old players also . PS: Maybe we can have an event with better rewards ?
  4. jolica

    WTB 2 x Red 13

    WTB 2 x Red 13
  5. jolica

    WTB AM

    no one ?
  6. jolica

    WTB AM

    WTB Arcana Mace clean
  7. jolica


    Got them .
  8. jolica


    Too much for me . I can pay a max of 130kk, if you want let me know .
  9. jolica


    I do not know how much it's a set . It's your item so name a price and we can discuss.
  10. jolica


    Hello , I wuould like to buy 2x DC HELMETS and 2 X DC BOOTS .
  11. jolica


    That's a nice event , you can give it a go Thank you for taking my suggestion into consideration.
  12. How about a new event on the server ? Or at least some GM events? There are lots of events that can help lowbie chars make some money and grow . This will motivate people to stay . Also the economy is on the ground and an event can bring some life into that .