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  1. NPCs that provided access to warehouse freight (e.g. Daisy in Rune, Kluck in Heine, Parman in Giran) became regular warehouse accessors. I can't access freight and I need it right now, I've got seal stones in there Connected to this change is probably that these NPCs got a "Dorman account support" link, while regular warehouse keepers got a "Wondrous cubic" link that was previously exclusive to freightmen.
  2. mirage

    Masters of spam

    No. Read the question again. Rudolph spammed general chat, not system messages. Besides, that event ended four weeks ago.
  3. Spite works, but it's not guaranteed to land. Besides, Judicator can't use it on Zaken because he's level 60 and you'll get raid curse as soon as he appears.
  4. Similar issue: guards in front of Einhovant's School of Magic (Talking Island) have KoF clan crest (Oren castle).
  5. 7S dusk/dawn je soucast hry od C3. To ze vetsina lidi tu mechaniku ignoruje a pak place, kdyz ji nekdo jiny vyuzije, je jejich problem. Forsaken zabralo zhruba 5x5 minut to otocit. Jestli zbytek serveru neni schopen tohle zvratit, tak si ten debuff zaslouzi.
  6. You need 79 for starting *and* finishing each part.
  7. mirage

    pls verify!

    Don't bother with B shots recipe. There's plenty of dwarves making them in Giran, and you've probably lost more adena by farming there, than you'd ever make crafting them yourself. DC robe: https://dropspoil.l2shrine.com/item/5348#spoil
  8. Sacrifice Warrior ono to ma dost maly range
  9. Today I've encountered https://dropspoil.l2shrine.com/npc/22626 for the first time. I don't remember seeing him before, and I think I've never brought any dynasty jewelry gemstones, which he has a decent chance to drop, from that spot. Today I started seeing the mob in almost every train. But the way he spawns is kinda annoying. You're beating up a https://dropspoil.l2shrine.com/npc/22625 and he suddenly disappears and puts a *26 in his place (in trains they also strangely spawn above ground and then fall). Some time ago I noticed the same behaviour with Male/Female pairs. Is it supposed to work like that?
  10. Sure, it's so easy that it's fine as is. Then only the info table needs updating.
  11. During Christmas event, whenever you summoned a reindeer, all items you previously had on pet moved to character inventory. Now it's all items except food -- although reindeer don't have inventory tab, so you can't see it, if you summon another pet the food will be there. Q1: Is this intentional? Q2: What happens when a summoned reindeer flies off to Santa (with food in hidden inventory)? Several people reported food disappearing, then later reappearing (after they bought some new). I encountered this as well, but on two occasions I couldn't find the lost food at all. Tried buying some food, summoning other pets, trading pets back and forth, nothing brought it back. Q3: Does anyone know how to reproduce this? Or even better, how to avoid it? I don't want to buy new food for pets every day. Q4: Is this somehow connected with reindeer?
  12. mirage

    Can't login

    I get to server selection, but then nothing, none of the proxies work (tried each with fresh client). Characters already logged stayed in game, but some things don't work. Crafting at .offline craft shops, for example, doesn't work. Before I couldn't login, I wanted to switch subclass at Heine Warehouse Chief, that also didn't work. edit: can't buy stuff at NPC shops. CacheD/DB down? edit 2: scroll of escape works, but isn't consumed.
  13. Could we have rewards in multisell interface and not what some new guy at NCsoft who probably never saw how older quests were done came up with? Compare old quest Necromancer's Request: regardless of how many quest items you have, you can exchange all for materials in a few clicks. New quest Ghosts of Batur: you have to click twice for every single unit of material (or recipe) you want. Same applies to Expulsion of Evil Spirits, Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe, and I suppose new quests in Mithril Mines and Giants Cave as well.