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  1. Ehe... like your balls ?? :DD <touched>Balls</touched>
  2. I hope that your next server will have a restrictions in box login. Things that happen on rb and tw are ridiculous.
  3. H5 is the best option for the current server. I can not wait for this update. OMG. Which part of the chronicle are you going to give us?:)) Will it be H5 part 5? Regards
  4. Hello For me, the choice of the H5 chronicle is the best you could do. I am waiting impatiently for the update, just like the rest of my team. Update of the current server will be a good test before launching a new project. You can treat it as a beta test. Do not worry about criticism. You're doing a good job. Regards
  5. Hello, I will optymalize your idea Event, starter pack (No grade to A grade - all shadow, shots, vit items, exp runes), free class changes (1st, 2nd) (without 3 and nobless) + epilog event with free 52 + items and free clan lvl 1-5, will be great:) When i started play here, events give me a lot of money and motivation. Mby you should change a litle bit rates like after epilogue update? Regards
  6. Hehe. Nice Replay Thank you ^^
  7. Hello, Something is wrong with seven signs. Mobs with seal stones are only in necropolises. They are not in catacumbs. Priest of dawn doesn't have any teleports to cata/necro. Greetings
  8. Hello, We had problem like this with BoM too. Restart will help with in situation. Greetings
  9. Rise


    WTS DYNA CRUSHER 1,2kkk Pm Arana
  10. I love astronautics and that's why the start of FH yesterday was really special to me. I hold thumbs while rocket liftoff and gritting my teeth when it passed through Max-Q. Landing boosters is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Elon creates the future for all of us. And thanks to him for it. Dont Panic, Made in earth by humans .... Greetings!
  11. Hello! WTB Dynasty Staff, Dynasty Gloves (robe), Dynasty Tunic BB!
  12. Rise

    Spoil rate in GC

    Lvl 79 + spoil Crush
  13. We have a problem with spoil in Giants Cave. Crafted Leather from Hirokai has a 45% chance to spoil. However, we pulled the CL out of every 5-6 mob. Strange. The same was with the parts on Dynasty Leather Armor. Within 40 minutes, we pulled out only 1 part and the chance is 2.41%. This is a very high chance, so we think that something is not right. Can you check it? Regards
  14. Hi, Is the judicator useful on RB and Epic Raid like Zaken? Does spite work here correctly? Any tips?:) Regards