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  1. WTB/T Forgotten scroll

    WTS 1500 asofe
  2. Short video from last Giran siege

    I have recorded only 3 waves...
  3. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1XyKOxwyTxukwTiN_xxgHoRjSVbzDfMqe
  4. Eso mismo, wisp gorball, lou, obstinado, flaterito, mop, ramhad...y ellos te pueden meter en el clan. Si no localizas a ninguno deja tu nick aquí y te wispeamos nosotros.
  5. Sí, seguimos aquí. No te preocupes demasiado por el early que te hacemos powerlvl. Wisp a alguno de los pj que pone arriba. Saludos
  6. Good morning! Hi, I've seen years ago other gracia server where offline shops not dissapear after restart. I don't know if it is possible to config or custom here, maybe that server was l2j and not l2off. Thanks!
  7. Q onda esto

    A quien le dices?
  8. Buenas a todos!

    Wisp "Lou
  9. Antibot bug (was "CAN'T PLAY ON THIS SERVER")

    That's it, the final part of video (2:53) is what happen to me (sometimes) and Gorball (a lot). Without doing strange things (no paralisis or raid curses), while exping or just standing in CH. Thanks Caius.
  10. Antibot bug (was "CAN'T PLAY ON THIS SERVER")

    I have same problem sometimes (1 or 2 times/day), but I have seen how it happens continuously to gorball in some moments when we are in party. I have updated client too, and happened on 2 diferent connections with highest ping lower than 50. I hope you can solve that, thank you for your time.
  11. Saludos

    Sí se puede tantas cuentas como quieras. Wisp "Lou para darte clan
  12. En cuanto llegue a casa te wispeo
  13. Seguimos aquí, el server está interesante.