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  1. I have recorded only 3 waves...
  2. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1XyKOxwyTxukwTiN_xxgHoRjSVbzDfMqe
  3. Eso mismo, wisp gorball, lou, obstinado, flaterito, mop, ramhad...y ellos te pueden meter en el clan. Si no localizas a ninguno deja tu nick aquĆ­ y te wispeamos nosotros.
  4. SĆ­, seguimos aquĆ­. No te preocupes demasiado por el early que te hacemos powerlvl. Wisp a alguno de los pj que pone arriba. Saludos
  5. Good morning! Hi, I've seen years ago other gracia server where offline shops not dissapear after restart. I don't know if it is possible to config or custom here, maybe that server was l2j and not l2off. Thanks!
  6. Poty

    Q onda esto

    A quien le dices?
  7. That's it, the final part of video (2:53) is what happen to me (sometimes) and Gorball (a lot). Without doing strange things (no paralisis or raid curses), while exping or just standing in CH. Thanks Caius.
  8. I have same problem sometimes (1 or 2 times/day), but I have seen how it happens continuously to gorball in some moments when we are in party. I have updated client too, and happened on 2 diferent connections with highest ping lower than 50. I hope you can solve that, thank you for your time.
  9. Poty


    SĆ­ se puede tantas cuentas como quieras. Wisp "Lou para darte clan
  10. En cuanto llegue a casa te wispeo
  11. Seguimos aquĆ­, el server estĆ” interesante.