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  1. ishuma broken again. have all items and sais i do not have enough items. trust me i have enough adena to unseal it.
  2. accountdog

    wtb gcm

    wtb gcm, send mail to captainrapeface or pm here or in game. thank you!!
  3. yes im aware he only unseals s80 gear. it was a sealed dynasty ring, in my inventory, and i have about 2.3 billion adena in my inventory so i assume that is not the problem. the issue was called to my attention by a fellow player who was experiencing the same bug. he traded me the ring and the necklace he had claiming it was not working. i tried it myself and it did not work. i have not been back to check to see if the issue has been resolved. thank you for your time.
  4. when trying to unseal jewlery at ishuma i got message saying i did not have required items. had the sealed jewelry, and had plenty of adena. something went wrong i suppose.
  5. wtt holy,dark,fire,water,wind crystals for earth. need earth.
  6. see "mine bug" - i checked other dynasty weapon parts on server and all others have 2.6% spoil rate listed. only the halberd that i could find had .5% spoil rate.
  7. looks like some of the spoil rates on the server dont add up. when i click on a monster to check the spoil rates they seem much lower than they should be according to many lineage 2 sites out there. 1 example is dynasty halberd pieces. on a x1 they should be spoiling at 1%. here the monster information sais they spoil at .5% shouldnt it be 2.5%? is this just a text issue or is the rate actually lower than it should be?
  8. accountdog


    you still selling dynasty recs/parts? for weapons?
  9. looking to buy fighters will book, also dynasty halberd recipe and parts. pm captainrapeface in game or send mail if im offline. thank you very much.