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  1. ok ... ty. U can close this emca
  2. ok i dismised a clan member today to her it into another clan ... thou when u dismis smb only clan should take pen (as i remeber it) and not that player ... still got pen on bouth ... member and clan ...
  3. seems to be some lvl as they say in that forum min lvl is 70. Ok there is no lvl request specified on the scroll thou. Ty 4 response!
  4. it maybe working but got 1 stupid question ... done the transform quest went to learn transformation ... got the onix beast ... learned .. BUt when to learn saber tooth tiger ... even if i got the seal book in inventory ... the transform was not listed ... char is lvl 56 ... missing smt ? also another problem sumons if a sumon dies can't sumon it again for another hour and only clan leader enable on clan wh ... even if u got full rights
  5. lvl 1 joined aca gaved -only 650 clan fame when it shoud give the maxed 2000 as in "An apprentice who’s completed their third class transfer and achieved level 76 is expelled from the clan and the Academy automatically. The clan get reward for every Academy graduate. Academy graduates don’t have any penalty and can join a clan at once. A clan receive a reward: clan reputation points for each Academy graduate. The reward is changed depending on the level on which the graduate joined the Academy, the formul
  6. ty mate on behalf of the new mates that will try it ... i finished that .. a workarround and a few h more spent but was a ok
  7. well for those who allready at max a pvp event can be great ... + on event .. - - - - - wipe
  8. well the recipe for spitul soul enery does not apear in comon craft (but it takes a slot and is named weigth), neighter in dwarven craft ... spitfull soul energy rate is very small ... got like 30 soul vengence energy and 4 soul energy ... at a rate 1 vengen at 5 + mobs, and 4 souls some good h of play there ...
  9. i do not care about the other dorfs .... spent 3 days and over 20 H rl (real life) time + to spoil that ... no bssb rec ... at Dc drop my fr over 48 H real time ... still no drop ... that the serv is shwoing that can be droped there i know ... (can be a broken link in mobs drop table ... ) and has no drop ... this post was for admin to look 4 it ... but ty 4 response ...
  10. maruk sucubus ... seems no to drop on spoil BSSB recipes .... spoiled them for like 3 days ... got all the other things whit even lower rates a few times over ... but no bssb recipe ... it can be just bad luck ple verify and rectify ... they say is spoilable but ... rly now 3 days over 18 h just to spoil there ? and no recipe .... Another thing to verify ... tramped man ... dc robe recipe 3 days another fr going there and got talum and ssa rec at half drop rate ... but just no dc robe rec .. pls verify
  11. so u need the other side of thrut also ... i must have forgotten that ty!
  12. npc not exchanging items as it should's_Dream but taking all stacked items and giving adena only 120K or not matter hoe many stack u have!