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  1. pokec a drby o všetkom

    Sexslayer už tu 3 mesiace nehrá.
  2. Seven Signs Dusk nebo Dawn????

    Meškáš 4 mesiace kámo.
  3. Rogue ability - Critical Chance

    OK, so passive crit gives you 30 to crit rate whatever you have in your hands and 1% chance on Critical gives you only 14 for blunt and 27 for twohanded sword ? Are you shure its ok ? Its so low. I was hoping that with buff it will take the buffed stat and icrease it by 30% the same way as for warrior ability - haste. This way its useless. Thank you for reply.
  4. Hello, I just experimented a little with this subskill (+30% crit rate) and noticed that the increase in crit rate is independent on SA (focus) or buffs (focus, hunter song ) somehow it takes only the base stats of equipped wweapons. In comparison warrior ability - haste (+32% atk spd) when triggered is influenced by buffs. My question is if this subskill is working properly or if it is a bug. Have a nice day.
  5. Badge z TW

    Dakujem za odpoved. V tom pripade mozeme toto vlakno ukoncit. Informacia ze je to random ma ale nepotesila . Prajem pekny den.
  6. Badge z TW

    Ahoj, Chcel by som sa opytat ci je v poriadku dostat z 5 catapultov a hotoveho zabijacieho questu len 50 badgov. Dakujem.