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  1. Hypron

    WTB Dynasty Halberd

    WTB Dynasty Halberd. Contact here or in game.
  2. Darksharon tak to som dlho nepocul kdovie kde je teraz chalan...
  3. Yes. Just log in and see.
  4. Hello, Maybe im beying retarded again but i need to ask this. I just took emergent patk lvl6 and master ability - Attack and the bonus i obtained was only +75 patk. According to this page : http://lineage.pmfun.com/list/skillcertification the increase for emergent ability is +22 patk per click i guess, which would result in +132 patk and the master ability should be +49 patk. In conclusion the bunus would be flat +181 patk. My question why isnt it so ? Regards.
  5. Sexslayer už tu 3 mesiace nehrá.
  6. OK, so passive crit gives you 30 to crit rate whatever you have in your hands and 1% chance on Critical gives you only 14 for blunt and 27 for twohanded sword ? Are you shure its ok ? Its so low. I was hoping that with buff it will take the buffed stat and icrease it by 30% the same way as for warrior ability - haste. This way its useless. Thank you for reply.
  7. Hello, I just experimented a little with this subskill (+30% crit rate) and noticed that the increase in crit rate is independent on SA (focus) or buffs (focus, hunter song ) somehow it takes only the base stats of equipped wweapons. In comparison warrior ability - haste (+32% atk spd) when triggered is influenced by buffs. My question is if this subskill is working properly or if it is a bug. Have a nice day.
  8. Dakujem za odpoved. V tom pripade mozeme toto vlakno ukoncit. Informacia ze je to random ma ale nepotesila . Prajem pekny den.
  9. Ahoj, Chcel by som sa opytat ci je v poriadku dostat z 5 catapultov a hotoveho zabijacieho questu len 50 badgov. Dakujem.