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  1. Starting here atleast you know your characters wont dissapear after 1 month or so. ;D
  2. well, enchanting got even more ridiculous 😜
  3. aVx


    vrivajus' ! soe na Gracii po 900k 👍
  4. Él estaba defendiendo monstruos
  5. what's the price for IC/Major Arcana sets?
  6. aVx

    Vote reward

    Yesterday i didn't get from Hopzone at all, by voting.
  7. So did you get top Ornament? Because of you yestreday i burned all badges i had on all chars. .i.
  8. Im lvl 82, just finished subs. What full boost are you talking about :] ?I've agree that new Chronicle give's more things/options to do. Im just worried that there will be 2 empty h5 servers. Since players that can't do anything on this server will move to fresh.
  9. What is the point fixing something that isn't broken ? I mean, what's the point of updating to h5? Was there any voting or that's just intention from beggining to update? What is possible chance to leave us "old" players to live on our own on old server and just focus on new ?
  10. aVx


    yeah, not a huge problem but triggers me all the time.