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  1. Yes with no oop(out of party) buffer it will be slow to exp/farm.But active supports are welcome in most clans.Imo best class to truly solo(self buffs only and past 76 lvl) even with no gear are the summoners.As others said find a clan that could help you with levels/items cause no matter what class you choose you will need their help as a newcomer.
  2. Yeah only newly bought equipment does it.Also it bypasses your weapon attribute.
  3. Buying armor/jewels/weapons from NPC and restaring seems to give them Fire attribute Trading them still give attribute.Combination doesnt matter. How to replicate:buy any armor/jewel/weapon from Giran,after restaring it will give you Fire attribute. Tested it on 2 characters,equipment bought from Giran and Aden will yield the same result.