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  1. SexSlayer

    Good news for xbox gamer's

    I can give away code for geforce fornite bundle. Gift from alza.
  2. SexSlayer

    Vykradený acc (SwS Citron)

    další spammer hovadin na HV. Nezabudni to písať i v ENG. Aby tomu rozumeli i ne-češi
  3. SexSlayer


  4. SexSlayer

    Next update chronicle soon?

    wtf random witch talking directly against me .. ftw Edit: Dont be part of toxic community. I did nothing to you. Be calm and nice, and everything will be Okey.
  5. SexSlayer

    Next update chronicle soon?

    haaaats. From cats
  6. SexSlayer

    New Event ?

    @saladin any ideas for event rewards?
  7. SexSlayer

    How about update server page?

    Halloween passed on the west, we on the east celebrate all saints day