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  1. Brudaczny

    WTB List - edited

    Hello, WTB: - Majestic Robe set, - Majestic Heavy set, Majestic Plate Armor, Circlet - Major Arcana Gloves - Green SC stage 11. - Red SC stage 11 - IC Gaiters - Halberd - Meteor Shower - Chant of Combat Contact here, or ingame mail "Brudek
  2. Brudaczny

    WTB Recipes

    Hello, Here is my recipe WTB list - Soulshot B, A, S - Blessed Spiritshot B, A, S Post Your offers here or ingame via mail/pm to Szczurynka Cheers
  3. Like topic says blue 13 for red 13. Contact ingame via mail/pm Brudaczny or Madae.
  4. Hello, like topic says I need green SC 11. Contact ingame via mail/pm Brudaczny or Madae.
  5. Brudaczny

    WTB A Grade

    Hello, There's my WTB list: - Tallum helmet - Blood Tornado, not common - Majestic jewellery set, might be common Contact me via ingame mail "Madae or "Brudaczny