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  1. Graddy

    Territory Wars

    Territory Wars
  2. We dont need players like this, who emoquit after losing their flag, everyone has their chances to make heroes second TWs, and it was not custom but there was problem with time server
  3. You were ending wars every day as seed so? Show your "big" power in TW please and stop this muscle words
  4. I remember when 4 pts of moragthong/seed/forfun wasnt able to kill our 2 half afk pts in last tw So that's why we have all flags, we had like 2 dead chars, and nobody def they castle's flags so
  5. Great job, ur guides are pretty good made
  6. No, I can't explain it, my English is not that good
  7. Would be voluntary ofc and one selected character
  8. Is there way to make banner that shows current level, pvp, pk or so connected to server database?
  9. Some text samples would be great too
  10. Sometimes I post this server to forums/FB groups and I would love to see some kind of advertising images and some written text of server features and rates from in attractive format to just copy paste it there from GMs
  11. Until we dropped 10 keys, we had like 3 or 4 chest spawned, but after then none spawned, its just random