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  1. Fidoo

    How about an event?

    Hi Emca, there is yogi enchants event? Or some custom ? Enchants are dropped from mobs, but i can´t see any NPC in town,is something wrong with client, or ?🙄
  2. Fidoo

    How about an event?

    Ok i see it now, Eldax has right.I hope once i will go to farm them 😄
  3. Fidoo

    How about an event?

    + @Emca what about atribute crystals ?
  4. Fidoo

    Monday Restarts

    well ,saturday would be nice , but Emca and Jorn have keys from the house
  5. heh one that he will like
  6. Fidoo

    Inventory bug

    Len aby ta posadnutost neskoncilo takto ako v spravach
  7. Fidoo

    maestro isuma wont unseal jewlery

    Maybe you forget to disarm it and to have it in inventory
  8. Fidoo

    Chrismas Event done stupid

    Hi, wish to all ,all best in Year 2018. One hint, its not over Christmas, for example me and lot of players will have Christmas 6 January But seems there will be some new event, huh ?
  9. Fidoo

    Chrismas Event done stupid

    Leave it this way as it is , someone will be happy
  10. Fidoo

    Would be returning player

    Wellcome and enjoy a game
  11. Fidoo

    Would be returning player

    Hi, try to PM Aezu in game, or me Brutus, we need causual players too, fo some fun, if you will not join to 2 sides of server. I hope we will find some solution, or i will stay in Maestros again alone waiting for Babi / they play on some donate server / I can help with some gear, all of game staff is texture
  12. Fidoo

    3 ideas.

    rename the name of character to .... its O or 0 ? maybe is it same witch 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1
  13. uff a ,tam sa hlasuje ci nie? sakra kto by to pred 20 rokmi povedal ze kryptomena zozerie 100% cpu. hnusni kryptofasiti