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  1. Hey guys, you really are troubled! Or really bored..? But don't mind me, please carry on! I am seriously having a blast reading your theories, keep them's been fun reading such comedy while travelling in the last days. Just for your information Invictus is active, strong and recruiting - while having as much fun as possible in the process.
  2. Bump - recruiting actives! Nice people only!
  3. That was really lame on their side. Thank you admins for having taken care of that.
  4. Hello GMs, Today during 4S a door simply absorbed me (I was on the corner doing aoe) and couldn't move anymore - screenshot attached. Thank you for your help
  5. Dear GM, We just killed Galaxia and dropped the following items: EWS Draconic Leather Gloves Fabric Heavens Dividers Edge We were two parties on CC and the 14 Heavens Divider Edges could not be found in anyone's inventory. This is the second this happens in 2 days. Could you please confirm there's no bug associated to this? I.E. Inventory full -> Item destroyed? Thank you
  6. Set for Set - my NM is safe enchant
  7. MSG here or PM Ragnar or Mayflower in game
  8. Thank you Emca, I appreciate the promptitude as this is a very time-sensitive matter.
  9. To whom it may concern, I have encountered major difficulties in completing this quest which I believe to be bugged. I would be happy to be otherwise proven wrong The quest I am trying to complete is "Path to Becoming a Lord - Shuttgart", this is how far I got: At this stage I am supposed to go back to the Archaic Laboratory and kill 300 golems located inside the lab, no specific mob is called out. With the help of my clan we have killed each and every type of mob from the area (both inside and outside the lab) but did not obtain any Quest Item. Next step was to search on Google, and indeed more people seem to have gotten stuck at this specific point. Here's a quote from official forum Following this advice we went ahead and took the quest "Influx of Machines" and indeed Quest Items started dropping! Trust me it is not fast to drop 500 items, however to our uttermost frustration the NPC giving quest will not accept these quest items: We've went back to Archaic Laboratory and tried killing (again) each and every different mob type from there - with no result. Thank you for your support! Ragnar of Invictus
  10. Thesis

    NPC Clan Crest

    Clan Leader talks to the Castle Chamberlain, this is how you start it.
  11. Thesis

    NPC Clan Crest

    Can we close this monkey clown circus of a topic already?
  12. Bump, we own Rune CH, Castle and Territory now
  13. Bump we just kicked inactives, 4 slots free
  14. Thesis

    NPC Clan Crest

    I lived under the impressions that our files were l2off? I have same experience here on Shrine as I had on dexternet (l2off too)