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  1. Hi, I've played here in the past. It was a very nice setup ( retail like, no pay to win, etc.) servers like this don't exist anymore but there were no people and now that i talked with some friends and discussed bout coming here to make a cp and play i can't reach the server site. Can anyone tell me what's going on here ? Is the server alive ? Thank you,
  2. Valerion

    Account Problem

    The bot only made me die 2 times in witch catas and then in hardins to use a field too and i confirmed that doesnt work ! every last exp and farm i have is my effort ! Just let me know if im not taking my accounts back ?
  3. Valerion

    Account Problem

    Ok... i just tried adrenaline but believe me it didnt work ! The chars were running randomly ! The producer even gave me the money back through paypal ! Sry for not being honnest from the start but all the progress i did was with my effort not from bot. It does not work ! Unban my accs i wanna play !
  4. Valerion

    Account Problem

    You can check my accounts all the time if you see me botting permaban all my accs. Will you let me go on playing on the server ? Im not starting from the beginning !
  5. Valerion

    Account Problem

    I understand this and i didnt use any bot program ! I came on this server recently cause i dont want to play on a server with donate, customs or bot !! I dont know if it has to do something with the firewall cause i installed a new antivirus. Will i get my accounts back or not ? thank you
  6. Valerion

    Account Problem

    Good afternoon, I have 6 accounts and this morning 3 of them can't log ! Says i don't have time on this account. The other 3 accounts log normally. What is going on ?? I am waiting for your reply. Best Regards
  7. Hello L2 Shrine team, I am new in this server and i want to find a good side to join. I am very experienced since im playing l2 for over 12 years (official and private low rate servers) with high success ! My main is Dark Avenger 55, im playing here 3 days and i also have wc/bd/bh 50+. I am also highly interested to join a CP. For more infos reply here and then we can talk in game. Thank you,
  8. Hi, I started 2 days ago ! My main is Dark Avenger 55. I also have a Warcryer, a Blade Dancer both 54 as my supports and a Spoiler 35. I would start looking for a clan but i'd like to be in a cp to farm bosses etc. Im pretty experienced, let me know your setup !
  9. Hello, I'm on the last part of quest and the last boss is not in the room ! May you hep me ? Best Regards,