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  1. No, I tried sleep, then spoil during sleep (on pronghorn), but after spoil disappears. I just wonder if anyone knows a method to get spoilable items from them, otherwise the spoil seems impossible on those monsters. Maybe the initial mob shouldn't disappear?
  2. Sandokana

    spoil on some monsters

    Hi, There are some monsters (pronghorn, Invader Soldier of Nightmare ( which when you apply a skill on them (eg spoil, provoke) they disappear and spawn minions (pronghorn spirit, in their place. Is there any way to spoil/sweep them? Regards
  3. Ahoj! Ca you add, near the title box of mob, the buffs he have? Sometimes they have reflect damage, and this hurts if you attack melee without knowing. I think in later L2 chronicles this was implemented, and also I don't think it will influence the gameplay too much. Of course, if it's not too much complicated to be done. Regards!
  4. Sandokana

    Hurricane reuse

    I guess I get while casting, otherwise I wouldn't get the 1 sec message. As I said, the spell icon doesn't show any cooldown, it's always "ready" to be casted.
  5. Sandokana

    Hurricane reuse

    Hi, I noticed that hurricane (stormscreamer spell) does not have reuse animation in shortcut's bar (and death spike also), when casted. It's like the reuse time is 0, but it can't be, because when I have cast speed above ~1000 and I cast continuously, I get repeatedly the message "there are 1 sec in Hurricane reuse time" (which is actually the thing that annoys me). I get this only when BSS are enabled. Is this normal? Is any workaround for this? Am I doing something wrong? Thank you!
  6. Hi, Minor bug, but can create problems sometimes: The soulshot/spiritshot icon in bar sometimes shows them activated (and they are not - this happened after I died with them activated and got resurrected) and deactivated (when they are - after soe I think, but on many times I noticed that). Once happened that BSSA was not activated, icon was also not activated, but my spells made damage as if they were - and no shots were consumed. I can't reproduce what I did to get into that situation. Regards.
  7. TY Troy, that's it, fast rebuff between exit and re-entry.
  8. Sandokana

    Pailaka 73

    Maybe it's not bug, but to me looks like it is. I enter Pailaka, i kill the mobs blocking the way, I enhance weapon until "complete spear". Then I need rebuff, I SOE, re-enter, and (this is the bug) I have to kill again the mobs in the way (they respawned in the meantime, in other Pailakas they do not respawn), and I receive again the "Weapon upgrade"scrolls! And again, I need rebuff, soe, re-enter, and the mobs are again in the way, and again they give upgrade scrolls (even the spear is complete, as I said). I cannot finish in 20 mins (1 buff round). The ketra officer gives only 5 buffs. Is this the way the quest it's supposed to be? Thank you.
  9. Sandokana


    Hello, I don't know if it is a bug or it is on purpose: (Aggro) Mobs dont follow, only for some short distances, then they run back to original position. This short distance is really short, in Giants cave, in the big rooms with kranrots and hamruts you cannot gather them all to one corner; as I said, they run back. In catacombs is the same, and I believe everywhere. Sorry if this was posted before, anyway this is not normal.