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  1. Zero


    Ako povedal jeden politik: Vsetci kradu .... Je to smutne ale pravdive
  2. Zero

    Chronicle update

    Then find a job and/or make family
  3. Zero

    Chronicle update

    rly? if I have nothing to do and nowhere to play i go to beer, out with friends etc... every time i can find something to do... not just to play L2 and if i go play L2 then i want start from point i have leave it at certain moment not from beginning... If from beginning i can start other games (Fallout 2/3... etc)
  4. Zero

    Chronicle update

    Hmmm i see that old players come here to play when they heard that here will be H5? Why they come beck again? If they heard that here will be wipe nobody come back to start playing from beginning...
  5. Zero

    Cardinal ressurection

    yep more wit = more % of exp recovery Lot of Cardi/EE uses BW tunic set.. there is Wit +3 Edit: here is one link with some explanation: Idon't know if i's reliable for this cronicle.
  6. Zero

    Chronicle update

    @k0ntra Ok... i can't access to for patch notes i am was lazy yesterday to use webarchive...but yes you have truth... But now i see differences: H5: Freya: And i don't think that H5 will attract new players but can attract old players to start playing here again... For my is H5 the 2nd best chronicle. First stay C4 :)
  7. Zero

    Chronicle update

    @aVxSince players that can't do anything on this server will move to fresh.  huh? If they can't do anything on this server then they need to uninstall L2 :)
  8. Zero

    Chronicle update

    @Eldax you have fine working geodata/server files for Freya? Give it to GM and they update server to Freya... What is different from Freya to H5? H5 can be compared to Freya like GF to GE..
  9. Zero

    lf klan cz sk destro

    Ved hej, presunulo sa to do offtopic na nie ciu ziadost... Povodny nazov topicu: lf klan cz sk destro
  10. Zero

    lf klan cz sk destro

    Zaujimave ako sa moze LF clan topic zmenit na uplny offtopic...
  11. Zero

    Nový start?

    Ze??? btw hraje tam par ludi... videl som asi 4-6 pt zlozene z buffpetov...
  12. Zero

    Nový start?

    Na H5 mas nevits blessing, nevits hour glass, rozne questy na exp/sp/adena, 7s quest na lvl 81 atd... takze exp bude rychlejsi, dyna keye padaju/soiluju sa vo viacerych lokaciach (pametam ze na jednom servri tusim 7xrate som v DV pocas expenia dropol 2x dynasty phantom) Ty stary hraci si zacnu robit moirai/vesper, takze by mohol zas ozivnut manor a S/dyna sa bude predavat.. Ak otvoris novy server pride ti par hracov sfarmi to ako to bolo tu a odide... pozri sa na cesky maju 25x rate a 5x rate preco by niekto mal prist sem a ostat tu? jedine co ma napada je dobra komunita a odladene H5...
  13. Zero

    Nový start?

    Co to nehodit ako sa nahadzovala GE? Najprv Eresea, potom Shrine a ked to bude odladene a pre tych co chcu donate otvorit ten novy server? Do tej doby by ste to mali odladene a mozno aj nejake tie financie na ten novy server... A mozno ten novy server ani nebude potreba a vratia sa ludia s5 na shrine... predsa len H5 ma dost veci co moze nalakat nielen novych ale aj starych hracov...
  14. Zero

    Dont worked

    What worked? My system msg or you do update? BTW np :)