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  1. Zero

    Server status

    omg still the same... wipe/higher rates/buy-able class transfer... 3kk is hard for newbie to spent... WHAT? make temple champion quest series... join to academy i see(5kk reward for join)... after lvl40 is another quest series for adena... easy money (just running/killing low mobs)... Are you really dumb, that you can't make those quests? where is written that you need to change class on lvl 40? If so make quest for class change... is boring i know but i make it when i start playing here... @event hats/adena/vitality(revita pop, milk, cake)/even buff potions will be enough... i know i hate buff pots but now when i make sub its super... i don't need to log tons of chars til lvl 70 is great... 5 or 6 lvl can be easily gained in cata/fog/it with destro or wl with trains... I fully agree with gm's policy no-wipe... if ppl are lazy to do something.... no event/wipe/restart etc... will not help to ppl stay here...
  2. Zero


    LOL You want pvp? Do oly...
  3. Zero

    Proof of clan Alliance

    Este tam je: They have 1 minute to find all four. Takze este je celkom mozne ze to nedas v tom case... @Emca kedze tu je to nastavene ako retail je tu aj tato podmienka?
  4. Zero

    Proof of clan Alliance

    jj teraz som to zvyraznil
  5. Zero

    Proof of clan Alliance

    Tak neviem ja som nasiel navod tu: A tu pisu: 12. Athrea plays a game with the clan member(s). She summons 16 chests and the members must destroy (by hitting) the chests until they find 4 of them say "bingo" when they destroy them. They have 1 minute to find all four. 13. If they complete the game successfully she gives them the Blood Of Eva. If not it costs 10,000 adena for another turn.
  6. Zero


    Oo starej VGOS... na tom som hral... bol celkom fajn...
  7. Zero


    WTT: DC light set for heavy 2GCM for NM heavy set w/o shield Tallum light set for haevy
  8. Zero

    clan/user penalty

    A member that is dismissed from the clan must wait one calendar day to join another clan, but can create a new clan immediately. When a member is dismissed from a clan, the clan penalised and must wait one calendar day to accept new members. But I don't know if this apply for this chronicle.
  9. Zero

    Augment bug.

    1. If it dont need target then all is ok ( targetless spells does not work vs not flagged or not war players) - also i can;t use it against mob? but if it need target and casted with ctrl on it do no dmg then smth is wrong. - Yes i have targeted player use ctrl and do no damage... Here is the skill description: and her is link about all augments(its H5): 2. yes i think it was me
  10. Zero

    Augment bug.

    Hello, I have Dynasty Mace with augment Hydro Blast (Unleashes a powerful liquidy attack against nearby enemies. Power 55.) but it's not working (as expected?). I can't attack mob/player until they hit me. I have try this in arena/world with friends and I can't attack them. If I have targeted player, using Hydro Blast skill, animation is running but they don't do any damage. If player hit me, and I have cast Hydro Blast, animation is running and do damage. Can you please check this? Also when I switch to Inquisitor this item skill isn't appearing in skills on inquisitor. I think this is also bug, because isn't class specific skill, but item skill and can be accessible always if the weapon/item is equipped.
  11. Zero

    Red/Blue -> Green

    Hey I have green 14 and looking for blue 14. Can we trade?
  12. Zero

    WTT Green 14 for Blue 14

    WTT Green SC 14 for Blue SC 14
  13. Zero

    Seven Signs Dusk nebo Dawn????

    OMG tu gulatu vec na krku nemas len na ozdobu... pouzij ju,,, Kazdy tu pise ze ma kopu supportov... staci ti 5 postav portnes sa k Oracle of dusk/dawn a tam sa s tou partou regns na festival. Instancia na festival trva 18 minut a ty mas pozabijac co nsjviac mobov... Ak mas iba 3 postavy tak napis do klanu a chodte spolocne... parta s 5 postavami sa da splasit ked sa chce...
  14. Zero

    Seven Signs Dusk nebo Dawn????

    Pomoze ti to v tom ze sa mozes prihlasit na festival a skusit to otocit (alebo aspon stazit) a nie len pindat ze to otocili...
  15. Zero

    Seven Signs Dusk nebo Dawn????

    A este ako som uz pisal minule v chatboxe... staci si kupit u duska/dawna Record os Seven Signs za 500a a mozes si to priebezne checkovat kto vedie...