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  1. Pagan Temple

    Hi, it's not exactly 4x, but it's 100 % - drop chance is lower on retail
  2. MW item not working (?)

    Right, effect={{p_resist_dd_magic;2;per}}
  3. MW item not working (?)

  4. Birthday or 1year present?

    Hi, yes, you must log in exactly that day...
  5. There is literally shitload of stuff that has wrong desciptions in client etc. NCsoft had it done one way and then changed it to another way - see this post. Because both have the same skill - A grade has skill level 1, S80 has skill level 2 so only the higher applies (that's the Freya way, probably also present in Epilogue, but there's no way to check).
  6. Server status

    Weekly server restart?
  7. Two rings will stack only if they're not from the same territory.
  8. Marriege

    Hi, wedding system is a custom feature from Java servers - we don't support it here as it's too custom
  9. Proof of clan Alliance

    Je to celé o náhodě, takže když to do té hodiny nedáš, tak naber quest znovu, herby si nech z minula a jdi rovnou na truhly (ty se musejí dělat pokaždé znovu). Pamatuju si, že u Šroubka jsem to jednou dělala 3x... Fakt o náhodě
  10. Birthday Cake

    Feature (original l2off)
  11. Odolnost proti šípům

    Deflect arrow stejně jako resistence na luky/kuše dává: effect = {{p_defence_trait;trait_bow;16};{p_defence_trait;trait_crossbow;8}} samozřejmě ty hodnoty se pro různé levely liší. Fakt si myslím, že to celé funguje tak, že pokud jde o fyzický skill (ne magický), tak to bere čistě podle zbraně, jakou k tomu skillu použiješ...
  12. Seven Signs problem

    Not a bug, Lords of Dawn own only Seal of Avarice, not Seal of Gnosis (to get a seal you need to have at least 35 % of players registered to that seal and it was only 32 %). More info for example here http://www.ign.com/wikis/lineage-ii/The_Seals In the next period, you should register more characters to Seal of Gnosis...
  13. Odolnost proti šípům

    Já bych tipla, že to je jednoduše podle toho, jakou zbraň máš zrovna v ruce (protože skilly nemají žádný "trait", který by říkal, jestli to je meč, blunt nebo luk), ale nezkoušela jsem to... Jako bug mi to nepřijde, je to retail chování l2serveru...
  14. Odolnost proti šípům

    Ahoj, jak to myslíš "nepoužil žádnej šíp"? Nechápu
  15. ishuma not working again

    Good point, will be fixed after next server restart
  16. 4th skill bar & color msg

    Put it to system folder. Also don't forget to check "Keep my system messages" in the launcher to avoid overwriting it with our default system messages file.
  17. clan/user penalty

    This is a correct behaviour on Gracia Epilogue - not a bug.
  18. ishuma not working again

    I've just tried it and it worked fine. Also I see you've already unsealed it, what was the problem?
  19. 4th skill bar & color msg

    Try this http://download.l2shrine.com/eldax/SystemMsg-e.dat
  20. 4th skill bar & color msg

    Upload your systemmsg-e.dat somewhere and post a link here
  21. 4th skill bar & color msg

    Seems you have some missing messages (for example this message about enchanting) in systemmsg-e.dat (probably you have custom systemmsg-e.dat based on Gracia Final, not Epilogue)
  22. spoil on some monsters

    Just a wild guess, have you tried Spoil Festival?
  23. Baium

    Exactly. On the other side you can revert it by healing Baium during killing him so you deal more damage than he did
  24. Baium

    Baium (among some other epic bosses) works different way than normal bosses. When he respawns, he shows up in a special room where he waits until someone wakes Baium NPC (sleeping Baium). When someone wakes that NPC up, it despawns and Baium teleports from special room to ToI 14. When someone fails to kill him, he teleports back to the special room and Baium NPC (sleeping Baium) spawns again. So in fact it's not a bug, but a way how it works (worked in 2008) on official server. Theoretically we can add new AI function to reset contribution data and add it to Baium's AI to reset him every time he disappears after a fail - but it would be non-retail feature that even current official server probably doesn't have...
  25. Wipe sServer

    What exactly do you want to know?