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  1. Babadook

    Few items

    Still trying to sell IC set and dual S, payment adena or AA. PM here or mail Trixter ig
  2. Babadook

    Few items

    Hello, I am selling the following things: IC set, Dual S, Draco bow, 2x TTS earring, 4x Mithril shirts, Blue 12. Payments with adena/AA/dynasty items(armor/weapon). PM here or mail "Trixter IG
  3. As title says, I'm interested in buying AM+acumen or separately AM+red 13. I can pay with adena, AA or items. PM here or mail "Trixter IG
  4. Hello, yes I have but looks like I found a fix: hit start button and wait for client to load, then minimize the main window with update and those things to check
  5. Pm here or mail ig "Trixter if you wanna do the trade, ty.
  6. I cannot change gamma in-game, it stays the same on all available options (very low, low, average, high, very high). It is the first time it happens after many years of L2 and all kind of clients and operating systems. I tried with both mark/unmarked "Don't change display gamma" before starting the game, it stays the same. My OS is genuine, all drivers are up to date, i tried re-installing L2 or deleting system folder and updating it. Anybody else having a fix for this or encountered the same problem?
  7. Babadook

    IC set unsealed

    Looking for IC breastplate only for now, sealed or unsealed.
  8. Babadook

    IC set unsealed

    I offer adena or unsealed Draco set+adena Leave msg here or "Trixter IG
  9. edit: I checked Giran and npc is giving top B items for free, also A-grade items are pretty cheap, so I started straight with main char (still thinking between necro and sorc) + 2 supports (ee and bd).
  10. Hello everyone, I am looking forward to create a character on this server and since this game is boring af solo, I'd like to know if there's any clan interested in recruiting, or a player/group of players willing to welcome 1 more member in their party. Idk yet what my main is gonna be, but for sure i will start as spoiler+wc, then i'll choose my main and additional supports. There's no need to mention that I'll do my best to be online during tw, sieges and epics. I also play support chars when needed. ps: Is there any discord channel for this server?