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    I CURED EBOLA. But i m not sure if i m gonna meet any problems in future. I downloaded the updater from another GE server. I run the update. the updater changed some things (in textures?systemtextures?no idea....). it was "big" update. After that i run our updater Emca/Jorn , can u isolate specific file that has this option if it not a big deal and put it in our client? it is really convenient...... because with mixed updates now , dunno if game is gonna have critical errors in the future.....
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    Does anybody here has any modification on his macros colours? I used to have a GE client that had for example : purple colour on market macros , green colour on invite macros , blue colour on fight macros , etc, and u could distinguish easily your things On chars i have 30+ macros saved it is a pain in the ass to look for them. Or if noone has it....do you know where it is affected? on textures/l2.ini? etc.... to try look for it.... cant find atm anywhere...
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    New server idea

    you just suck , and cant even move straight ahaid. while other paladins can even climb! #heroforhennanextmonth!
  4. Poor emca everytime answers all our stupid "code"-"how does this work" questions . thnx mommy!
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    MW body

    robotius encyclopedius
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    Inventory bug

    THE CAT NAMED COITUSINTERUPTUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    WTB/T Forgotten scroll

    Wts forgotten scroll song of windstorm
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    http://www.filedropper.com/l2skilltime it goes on systemtextures if i remember correct. tell me if it is one , because there is a possibility i have messed files .
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    Clan Oldschool Recruiting

    define clan success...... for this clan success can be to have a bunch of people in discord and just have fun daily escaping sh itty reality. not all people want to "rule". it is just as the clan's name indicates , oldscool l2 gaming
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    the judi that u are using . if his name for example is warpig , it automatically has a +40% chance to land it because mobs are instantly get scarred , it is like using conqueror's haki , they are gonna "get stunned"
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    3 ideas.

    someone hasnt got the augment he wants , and is to lazy to try for more ^^ btw , on the bumping thing of this post , i would like to ask about any update plans. Do you still see it as long term plan ? not even happening in 2018 ?? I dont ask for haste , just for gear management , not to try for foundation+6 gear for example and when i have it on , lets say september , server updates . should i keep resources and w8 for an update or do u actually plan to do it soon ? ^^
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    Birthday or 1year present?

    i wanted to do something like that , plvl my buffers and get some easy SP, because i went to xp after i was playing in a "midrate" server , and it was truly painful a
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    Birthday or 1year present?

    When the server updated to GE i wasnt playing here , but i remember i had entered and saw a present. i m not sure if it was birthday of character or updating present, but it was 12hours vitality buff if i remember correct . I tried to get some bday present on my chars today , but their Bday was on October 2016 . If i didnt take it on the exact day , i missed it ? or this 12 hours buffs was an update thing only for 1 month and i missed it ?
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    Birthday or 1year present?

    awww a pity ... in half a year then for next thnx
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    New server idea

    The updates are depended on the numbers... and full rushing CPs or not. In shrine that numbers were max 200-300 , there wasnt good economy so that stalled us a bit , and also we had 2-3 nolifers in a 5-6 people CP , so we it took us like 6 months to be able to kill antharas/tiats etc...could have done it in less , but we wanted to be geared so that it was easier. But if population is good and CPs are full ye , u need like 1 month to open hellbound , then max 1-2 months to be end game 150 , or even the first 300 weapons if there are many sides...
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    New server idea

    I will just write down some general random ideas/experience . 1. Even if you make the best server in world, that meets the criteria of most people who wanted to play in it, we , the community alone , will destroy it. This is 100% guaranteed because there will be always 3 sides . The tryhards that rush everything and want to "win" the server , the casuals that play but not so much , have some goals , but wont participate in the race of top, and the people who enter like 1hour / 3 days. When the tryhards reach end game they will quit and a domino of general demotivation will start to lower the numbers of the server. This is unavoidable. 2. The only thing you can do about it is what @claw suggested. Have an update to refresh the interest of the people of the server, But not an update from GF-> GE . An update with totally different end game so that the top side on the server stays. I m telling this because in our case here , when you updated here from GF to GE , my side that was the strong one , end game with 300 weapons/120 armors had 0 things to do , so nobody came back.(The server might had some refresh at the time , but i think it was 80% of in game clan dramas , politics , creation of new side etc , independent of the update. Correct me if i m wrong, i wasnt here atm to know 100% of the history) We must accept that the shrine community (and most of the l2 community that searches for long servers is pve based) if someone reaches end game there wont be tremendous pvp to make him stay here, so he needs new pve to prevent him from leaving. 3. Have in mind that the casual lifespawn of a server with 3box+ limit , on x3-x10 rates usually is 2-3 super healthy months , then another 1-2 after the loss of some people , and then it goes in a vegetable state until the owners decide to shut it down. Maybe a little bit less for interlude that has stupid end game. So on x8-10 rates, i believe that the best thing would be 6-10month plan , from IL - > GF , or from GF/GE - > H5 or even IL->GF/GE->H5. (after talking advices from the leaders of the biggers sides with discussions about when to update.) I m not so sure if the IL->GF/GE->H5 will be able because of the too many different tastes of the community and because of your personal time for updating the server every now and then.... I m gonna write a name of the server (if you want erase it) , just to give it as an nice example , not for the sake of advertisment ( this server actually had corrupted greek gm team , summoned items , etc) but if anybody knew about it to judge me right or wrong. It is my belief of the best on the update thing. The server was BNB at 2014 , started as interlude x7, after 4 months it updated to GF x7. In the interlude participated most of the pvp based community (typical interlude arrows vs spells open pvp that a big side of l2 players love) When it updated( timing was pretty important and well done) , it lost many IL only pvp players , but also with good advertisment it gained many new people that easily filled the gap. Some of the new players (like me at the time) had in mind that this is the chronicle that i like, i ll join. Others that wanted to tryhard thought: " this is the chronicle that i like and even if some has already epics , i will join and beat them because the end game is nowhere close compared on what they have. The second scenario wouldnt happen on many new players that enter a GF->GE server and see people with 300 weapons and +20++ skills. Even if IL is hated by many (me also!), it is also loved by many others , and in the advantages you have already a small but loyal community here that would play in the server you created even if it was c2 or goddess or whatever , just because we consider this server our home. And even for many others that left and i have seen on other games/servers etc, nobody ever said something bad, but only:"perfect server, but ....low activity". So with the mail on the already 6800 forums users that @yooyoo suggested , you will find people volunteering to follow you here independent of the project. 4. On the box limit i agree with @yooyoo , x2 strictly .I would suggest even x1 +1 from premium account. Simply because on x3 with premium u can have a 2nd pc , 3+3 = 6 boxes = easy for anybody to go on solo trains/raids and fuck the gameplay. Even if i dont want , i would do that if i knew that others do it, ot that it would give me advantage , easier path to the end , etc.... It is in the human nature to cheat , like @claw (ha! see what i did there claw ? :D). On x2 boxes even if u have second pc , ok you will be able to to farm easier and alone on harder places , but at least you wont be able to superpowerlvl or do bosses alone... i guess.... Even consider monobox if the expactations are high on numbers . It is the easier thing to see if someone cheats with virtual machines, and have a ban system for such occasions. If numbers of the server drop , make it x2. I will give another example of a server that was x1 box and was good for a long time( this time i wont say name because it is currently active and it would be advertising). This server was IL x3?4? dont remember , with monobox. It had around 1000 active , but u knew they were 1000 because of the monobox. Not like the usual russian servers that say 5k online , 1k are fake , and another 3-4k are boxes + bots. This server because of the monobox , lasted long for interlude standards, like 7-9 months until finally things started going domino again.... It was only able because of the numbers , but it happened ..... in 2016! So consider it . People where reporting orcs in dungeons with 3-4 afk boxes , PP/SE/WC lIVES MATTERED! This server updated to GF but failed in numbers and closed because of 2 mistakes , 1 leading to the 2nd. First it took them too long too decide the update, people had already started complaining and getting bored at 6months , wanting an update. So when the preparations for the update were on it had lost a lot of people and couldnt support monobox anymore with the lower activity. They made a poll and decided to do it duobox. So they lost even more people because many supports threatened to leave , and actually did it. Duobox was like saying that u arent appreciated any more... every body created his own buffer etc.... 5. Bot hunter policy + maybe reward is a must in any way. Wont go into further discuss here 6. About the donates i believe you should have , for the costs at least.....it was good to say us the amount , or also as @Yooyoo said , people to contribute in banners or something. In game i would suggest something like 10Euros for premium account , 5euros for decoration(hats etc). No donation for ingame currency.... unless the donates are too low...... in game currency makes you richer but fucks up the game a bit. Also if the money is the problem , cause the amount you said is big one.... u should "blackmail" us , the current players , for a "charity" for the other server. We havent paid a single cent all those months. It could be something like pre-sale for the current players of l2 shrine that want to play on the new server , or even the ones that dont wont to play to gain something like the boost you had when server updated on GE. I know that it was against the rules in the current server , but u could do it in the "1 time charity way" (i dont use the word in a bad way, just to show our appreciation and support).
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    slasher needs blue 16 , but nagan needs red 16. we can make a deal , give me and i ll lend u henna's cutter ( he doesnt play , and isnt willing to). i dont play either , i just need a weapon to enter last days of oly.
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    I GIVE GREEN 16 + 150kk for either red 16 or blue 16. pm only in forum
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    couldnt find it , maybe i m blind
  22. heroBD

    Tutorial "How to disarm v2.0"

    see @Lothebrok? that's why u need soulbarrier +27 at least . you would have gotten 20k instead of 40 , hue! (jokes aside if u had the char on tanky build i think his hp+cp fully buffed can take more than 20k dmg )
  23. heroBD

    HB Citadel

    this is 100% normal . there are around 6-7 patrolman in there . usually the 3 detects you even in shadow. in every server it works like this, probably they have different ID.
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    Mainly i can offer Epic/adena/(tomes for +6/foundation parts dyna parts) on trade , i dont have att crystals , i dont think i have KE. If i remember correct i have spare zaken/tezza/aq/baium , 1.5bil max in cash. Offer me here or in pm
  25. heroBD

    New Server

    This server has a pretty strong anti-wipe policy , and also having no donates , means it cost money to GMs . 2nd server means more money. If you play solo or with group and you know the game , you can join here and pretty fast reach end game, not super end game (like people who play 1.5year here, it wouldnt be fair also you know...) but you can be pretty much competitive , there are sides to choose and have fun. If you are a casual player , this is a paradise , because people playing 1.5 year , with their own rythms , being lvl 80 , having their way of fun . fishing , spoiling etc. If u are a player who wants a "fresh start" to try hard 1-2 months to "rule" a server , and after losing 1st heros you leave for a tiny group drama/because you arent no1 on the server /because your friends got bored and changed server, etc , just look for an other server. This server had never big wars , or many people , still it is good for it's own people. Also the more people the server had , the more "attacks" it had in the past by russian mostly hackers/bug abusers/sites trying to sell items for money. So even if it opens fresh now , it might have 1000 people lets say , the 700 will leave in 2 months because this is the l2 community nowadays.(they will fail to quonquer and leave , they will see others leaving , and leave etc...... so we ll soon have the same situation like every other server . Long story short , if u like it , try it , dont ask for other things. this server is unique because of it's GMs and it's ability not to attract the toxic side of l2community , not because of no donates/no bots