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  1. As title says. Attacking border fortress and successful capture both npcs (as it is a border fort) say they will not be contracted to the castle. Even with money in clan wh. But attacking territory fortress can be contracted. Bug or feature as info about this topic is very limited to practically unavailable.
  2. Title says it all Any thoughts about it ? (as well as commands like .engage .gotolove and stuff like that )
  3. Ha ha! It's not only after restart, can't reproduce it to know exactly what causes it, but keep in mind its happening. If any other players experience it might as well say their circumstances when it happens.
  4. As the title says, I arrange my inventory a certain way but after a while i open my inventory and it's rearranged, as it would be if I clicked the button to re-arrange them manually, which I didn't. Any thoughts, info about the "problem" ?