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  1. Deathwing

    Nabijeni SC

    Neni mozny ze nekdo v inventari nemel sutr/quest a zrovna on "vyhral" nabiti. (nevim v jakem stavu je ted dorazeni reflectem nebo vlkem). Dalsi moznost je ze ten jeden co nabiji mohl byt zrovna umrit pred vasim prichodem, vy byste prosli celej PI vsechny pozabijeli odesli a potom by teprve spawnul.
  2. Deathwing

    Warehouse Keeper's Pastime quest bug?

    That guide says you get reward when you win (3 lines) or when you made not even one line. One or two lines is loose without anything. On your screenshot you made 1 line 6-5-2
  3. Deathwing

    How to get Blue Soul Crystal - Stage 12 ??

    With necromancer, bladedancer and shilien elder you cant kill t-rex (maybe in dyna/vesper). Even for low bosses like anor, sobekk, behemoth you need much more and better equipped characters. Dont put SA into bomt, only EWA (if they are not expensive) and some augment (m atk, maybe little bit pdef from about 10 attempts). And start preparing arcana mace (material or money for full, SC 13, 82 S gem) or more money for full with SA.
  4. Deathwing

    Your Story

    Ve stredu jsem byl nakupovat ... a sel jsem do obchodaku vychodem
  5. Deathwing

    Cata of Apostate

    If there is room behind that wall, mobs can find you and attack you. They go from room to corridor and to you (not through wall), and after they kill you they go back to their room. Maybe you were afk and mobs killed you, and went back before you get back, or they really be near you, but you couldnt see them, which sometimes happens.
  6. Deathwing

    Buging res and skills through wall

    Usually area skill works at range, but they was blocked in borders of WB zones. You can cast mass ress in toi 13, but you dont get it inside of baium zone. Same thing was at valakas entrance, where you can even see, shoot, and jump down to Klein, but mass ress, wc buffs from up to down was blocked, because it was wb zone.
  7. Deathwing

    WTB/T Forgotten scroll

    I know, I have about 130/250 and 150/1000 items and it took much time if you dont push it hard. (and if I completed quest i take book for myself). Ban him for buying IG staff for real Idk how my screen can help you get offer on rare book.
  8. Deathwing

    WTB/T Forgotten scroll

    You have to make some valuable offer, like Antharas/Valakas, char with Antistyle nick, etc.
  9. Deathwing

    Odolnost proti šípům

    Skilly archeru nespotřebovavaji sipy (me to vzdycky prislo sporny, spis jako bug, vizualne to vypada jak sip). Jestli maji ignorovat deflect arrow to netusim. Kdyz ale koukam na power jednotlivych skillu u hawka tak Double shot 4870, Lethal shot 7698, Seven Arrow 11 440. Naproti tomu Death shot 24 306, coz je vic jak dvojnasobek seven arrow, je dost mozny ze prave to je pricina proc je to jedina zachrana proti tankum.
  10. Deathwing

    New server idea

    Why not 1x rates? bot hunter program ? - report bot and get 10% of his adena or something? (dunno if needed) - So if i create bot, let him farm 1 bilion adena, report it and got 100 kk adena legally?
  11. Deathwing

    spoil on some monsters

    Pronghorn usually dissapears after bigger agro (aggro skill, crit, etc.). If you need spoil specific item, then easiest way is to choose another monster.
  12. Deathwing

    Inventory auto rearranges

    Teleport on olly resets inventory. And there are more situations like this. Maybe buy/sell, progress in quests when you got item to inventory. Just give up and dont arrange inventory. Usefull things put on bars and dont care about others.
  13. Deathwing

    Nový hráči

    Event na clan lvl a zbrane by mohl byt pravidelnejsi treba jednou za mesic dva na tyden, aby lidi kdyz prijdou tak obcas neco dostali. Do toho normalni eventy. A pripadne zacit prechazet na Freyu, aby meli lidi stale co objevovat, treba kazdy 2 mesice pridat kousek updatu. Jednou elementy do armoru, rewamp 1 lokace, moirai. Za par mesicu pridat freyu WB, vorpal a mid s84 guny, za dalsi cas elegii, top guny, revamp dalsi lokace atd. Po prechodu na GE bylo tolik novych veci ze nejdriv lidi nevedeli kam driv skocit aby si vyzkouseli vsechny novinky, takhle by updaty byly mensi, ale castejsi, takze by nedochazelo k tomu ze se lidi budou nudit.
  14. Deathwing

    Seven Signs Quest on subclass

    Yes, i did some parts on my subclass to finish lvl 80 (here on shrine).
  15. Deathwing

    Seven Signs Quest on subclass

    You can do it on subclass, only thing you need is lvl 79 for start. But if you use it for subclass you cannot do it on main.