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  1. Same-territory TW jewels don't stack attributes

    Thx for answer. It is that way, but its not correct. Because description don´t say it, thus discription is wrong or element has to stack. Logically... I only present my opinion, I´m crabby throught this... PS: I try equip 2 earring S and S80 from same territory. When I first equip S then S80 then element is 8 backwards is element 10. So it depends on sequence equiping... And I don´t say, none effect except mdef don´t work if level of character is lower than grade of jewel... So territory wars´s articles are very specific.
  2. Same-territory TW jewels don't stack attributes

    And what about about 2 rings? 2 rings from same territory must give 15 + 15 = 30 same atribute defence, it is? Now, when I equip 2 rings only one gives attribute def. 15, second none. In discription is none mention about not stacking... Ring given to the guardian of Aden territory. Divine power defense +15. No exchange/drop available
  3. HALO!

    Where I find how many players are online? When i searched for good server I looking for it and didnť find it, this is good information.
  4. WTT 2x Major Arcana circlet for IC parts (helmet, glowes, etc)