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  1. Thanks for the many advices I skipped the SA on my A Weapon and already start farming adena for the Arcana Mace!
  2. Wow thanks for that detailed answer! I didn't know about that NPC which gave me Shadow B... It's years ago since I played Lineage II the last time and I'm a little noob I'll check it! Unfortunately I just bought the BotMT for 25kk Adena - so I think I will pull through it Thinking about S grade is too far away for me at the moment^^
  3. Thanks for the quick reply! I will try the Tyrannosaurus after my ccq3 until then I'll check some players to buy it
  4. Danke!! Mal abwarten ob sich noch etwas ergibt
  5. Hello Community, unfortunately I haven't much experience of the mid/end game of Lineage II, so I'm not absolutely sure how to get a Blue Soul Crystal - Stage 12... (I need it for my A Weapon SA) My first question: Are there any possibilities to get the SC by solo playing?? I've read that you have to kill raid bosses for the SC Level 11 & 12. Is there a boss you can kill alone? My current Party Setup: Necromance Lvl70, Blade Dancer Lvl70, Shillen Elder Lvl65 (full c grade!). Thank you in advance - best regards Tunechi