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  1. PayINERA, lmao. This is the first time I've seen this joke and I actually think it's clever! Well done. We're a pretty big team, so although we do provide some options for players to donate, i.e. premium, inera store, etc, most of the items are cosmetic. A lot of players gravitate towards cosmetic items, based on our logs, and it's nice to see that we can move to a market that is primarily driven by cosmetics. Things like premium are super accessible to most players too in the form of coupons. A lot of players that cannot donate have obtained premium with ease. Our concept is like, "For those that can take the burden and are financially blessed, extend those blessings to others so they can also benefit" That being said, we cannot compete with Shrine's model of no donations. Unfortunately we have 2 developers working long hours fixing bugs daily, creating new content like events, and expanding our infrastructure, all of which has a cost associated with it. But the joke was well executed.
  2. Haha, I never knew my tone came off as so insincere, although I have made my fair share of mistakes or bad calls - depending on who you ask I suppose. This is human nature, however. I was actually browsing something and saw this thread I forgot why I checked the forum but there was a specific reason and I got distracted by the thread. Now I sound even more insincere LOL. I think it was because I wanted to check the Chimera stats from Shrine (the files I trust most) for a baseline. After finding the thread, I forgot my mission until it dawned on me again and Albedo ran the numbers from Shrine/INERA. It was a great help our Chimeras are now comparable. Regards, Vice
  3. Hi everyone, I just happened to be browsing by and caught this. There is no official collaboration with INERA. That being said, our team is very fond of L2Shrine and its members. Emca is a very talented developer and, when it comes to our limitations, we will often consult with her to solve a particular problem or to gain some insight into various features. She has helped us more than we've helped her, at least that's where we currently stand in regards to our relationship. Our team owes her a great debt. Whenever or whatever Jorn/Emca decide to launch as a project, we will support their work as she will have our infrastructure / financial support. I hope this clears up any confusion. Best Regards, Vice