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:DDD lets say ppl(1) tell ppl(2) who are u? ppl(3) ask ppl(1)(Kanuza) who the hell u re? Bad is ppl(2) never heard of any1 ppls(1 & 3) what is realy bad_ lets say gently_ how possible in this ,,small village,, could happend? :DD

PS: Answering isnt needed

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10 hours ago, Sakycek said:

Im Vakycek as you can understand from Sakycek name :) except if you can't understand something so simple :)


Oh yes I got that the first time Suckycek, what I didnt get is how youre asking me if im searching your posts when I quoted Marazos post... I stopped thinking about it 3 seconds after when I remembered the clan youre in, it all makes sense now.

Have a nice day and recruit more please :*

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