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  1. IMarduk

    Comunidade BR/PT

    alguem a jogar aqui?
  2. IMarduk

    WTB IC Boots & Gloves

    also buying recepies
  3. IMarduk

    major arcana robe

    want to sell major arcana robe full sealed 70kk
  4. IMarduk

    WTB IC Boots & Gloves

    As title says, looking to buy Imperial Crusader boots and gloves full, sealed or unsealed if you have them reply here or whisper blades/destroyerlord
  5. IMarduk

    offline shops

    thanks i will try
  6. IMarduk

    offline shops

    how do we set up offline shops? i tryed set shop and log off, but shop disapeared... help pls
  7. IMarduk

    looking for english clan

    as title says, looking for english speaking clan, active necromancer
  8. IMarduk

    hello everyone

    hope i manage to get this working tehehe
  9. IMarduk

    hello everyone

    i think id rather do the quest and use the money for equips, will see how it goes
  10. IMarduk

    hello everyone

    aww thats a shame, ok thanks, i will try this server anyways
  11. IMarduk

    hello everyone

    do we need to do class quests in this server?