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  1. Comunidade BR/PT

    alguem a jogar aqui?
  2. WTB IC Boots & Gloves

    also buying recepies
  3. major arcana robe

    want to sell major arcana robe full sealed 70kk
  4. WTB IC Boots & Gloves

    As title says, looking to buy Imperial Crusader boots and gloves full, sealed or unsealed if you have them reply here or whisper blades/destroyerlord
  5. offline shops

    thanks i will try
  6. offline shops

    how do we set up offline shops? i tryed set shop and log off, but shop disapeared... help pls
  7. looking for english clan

    as title says, looking for english speaking clan, active necromancer
  8. hello everyone

    hope i manage to get this working tehehe
  9. hello everyone

    i think id rather do the quest and use the money for equips, will see how it goes
  10. hello everyone

    aww thats a shame, ok thanks, i will try this server anyways
  11. hello everyone

    do we need to do class quests in this server?