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  1. Ptitlaby

    Account Problem

    Lol'ed At least the random script kiddies can't bot there \o/ I doubt any motivated person would not be able to bypass the client / server communication encryption, but that's just the start
  2. Kinda stupid move I believe, there is already a great place to talk about retail Lineage II and this is Rochand's board.
  3. Ant Nest was always one of the best farm location for events, yup
  4. Looks like a homemade event. Exciting !
  5. Go farm in Delusion chamber then
  6. Buy his stock. Relist for increased price. Profit
  7. Ptitlaby

    Further updates

    Is there any good H5 retail pack there ? I know about the freya ai.obj leak, and I know at some point H5 L2Off private servers just started to spawn on Russian forums but I never heard of a full leak
  8. And you can accept being casual, play whenever you feel like it, grow towards your goals and simply enjoy the game. That's what I do. Sucks that I don't have B grade on my 3 boxes at level 56, and I don't think I'll be able to be fully stuffed in A grade at level 61 but I don't really care at the moment. My stuff is enough to XP in catacombs, farm AA and make a bit of money on the side. Sure I could rush level 78 and then cry about no stuff & no fair pvp, but I don't think i'll really enjoy it. Being casual is not always a bad thing. People not having fun is ☺ An "old" server will always have more stuff available to new players, usually as a lower price. The equipment gap can be reached quite fast on this Chronicle, so you will catch up more easily.
  9. Several 83 skills are useless tho Lucky strike is meh Golem armor is not so strong Sps / Sph / Sorcerer elemental armor is mostly cosmetic
  10. Remind me of vLordChronicv videos sadly : a dagger much more stuffed than his opponent, which a much higher level. Not blaming you for it tho, but nothing exceptionnal so far except the few people in dynasty I saw
  11. Hello, At the moment : Wondrous cubic is an item with a 24 hours cooldown My suggestion : Wondrous cubic reset each day at a fixed time (for example, 6:30. Kinda like dailies on retail post GoD) Running after a timer is not an engaging playstyle. If John, casual playing on the server when he has a day off, clicks the cube each time he plays, he would be more happy to be able to click it once a day rather than thinking of its playtime with this little cube in perspective.
  12. Can I give my opinion ? I will give my opinion. Retail like is what I like best. The balance between Crystals and Stones is needed, and H5 by itself was a chronicle where everything was easy to obtain between free vesper drops in Zaken, Infinite attributes from Dimensional Rift and those new places. It felt like an "end" chronicle without anything more to add because it went to the maximum of the game, where everything was done and you were just pvp'ing and derping around. GoD radically changed the game after that. Farming SoI, SoD (and soon SoA ?) for energy essences is something which takes time, dedication and a bit of skill. Nothing blocks you from going PvP when SoD is open to kill everyone inside and then gather the essences yourselves. Let the game takes its time. The goal is not the end. Reaching the end is boring. Farming, involving eachself, dedication is what is going to work for the long run of the game, and I believe for the lifespan of the server. However, the Aerial Cleft never really worked on retail and was not incentive enough to be done due to the number of players needed
  13. Break the target once the chest opens may be ? Making it despawn immediately
  14. Ptitlaby

    Spoil Guide

    For beast farm, I am using this one : Rates are x5 so itm ay be different from ingame, but it gives you a nice chart on what to use / spoil