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  1. Chizzle

    Lost Pet

    got it! Thanks again
  2. Chizzle

    Lost Pet

    Thank you! Yes - i remembered it wrong, i know it is 7X. I can be in game today. Thanks again Emca, when should i log to get it back? Chizzle
  3. Chizzle

    Lost Pet

    Hello GM, I've lost a pet kooka lvl 75 on my character Zizzle (Shillen Saint) a week ago, i was afk and it ran away, is it possible to get it back? I remember a post from a while back that this is possible? Thank you for your help.
  4. Chizzle

    Subclass Passive - Buffable?

    Static meaning the additional Matk is not buffable?
  5. Hey Guys, General question, try to search online extensively without much result. Wanted to know more about subclass passives (Emergent / Master skill) Are these stats buffable? or hard number? E.g. if i take 6 lvl emergent empower, and Master empower - say it adds +80matk total. Does this +80 Matk gets amplify by buffs? (Zerk / emp / dances) Or is it a hard number so when i am fully buffed, it'll be my fully buffed Matk, then add on the sub passive +80 Matk? Does Master and Emergent behaves in the same way with regards to this? Thanks!
  6. Chizzle

    Containing attribute power

    Been trying to do this quest a few times, tried both in Aden and Rune, took the quest, used the quest sword, bought bssa, and keep killing the quest mob with no quest item. do i have to hit them with melee? I'm a mage. not 100% sure if a bug cuz my friend did the quest, but i tried everything and not getting qi, have i done anything wrong? Not in party - and killed many quest mob. zero item
  7. Chizzle

    Q - A Daunting Task

    Hello, trying to take q in Goddard with Captain Andrei, lvl 71 sh, i am meant to have couple of quest with him, but when i click q i get 'you are either not on a quest that .....' possible bug?
  8. Chizzle

    Cant launch

    somehow fixed it, i'm in!
  9. Chizzle

    Cant launch

    after update and hit play, i get below: Error setting display mode: No acceptable display modes found (D3D_OK). Please delete your Option.ini file if this error prevents you from starting the game. History: UD3DRenderDevice::UnSetRes <- FindBestMatchingMode <- UD3DRenderDevice::SetRes <- UWindowsViewport::TryRenderDevice <- UWindowsViewport::OpenWindow <- UGameEngine::Init <- InitEngine help?