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if we have to create challenges for ourselves to be motivated after super end game such us  solo baium/tezza , xp useless classes like crafters just for the lolz, exploring tullys/naias etc...
in the same way we must be somehow productive in the pvp things. since there are no wars , no open pvps , no fights for epics...... for spots , no oly before the 3-4 last days of the month....

since even antistyle stopped pking u cause he was tired of butchering carebears..... we have to somehow act to stop u from thinking that u play a lan game with your friends.

i laugh my ass of every time the green spot immigrates near the  quarrys . but trust me on this one ....... the perfection of your entering timing in the antharas pit, cutting of a whole party. the desicion making/guarding lair(not)/not even having a camera while u saw enemy standing there ....... it just had me laughing up until now . whenever i think about it.....

i think it was my top moment on this server. i cant beat anti that has made 2/3 of the server quit..... but only thinking that your 10+ people,(people who even came back only cause u asked them "come and do antharas , we can now after 11 months") wasted a whole evening and have to do all quests again cause of your lack of brain and pvp awareness, ,makes it gold.

btw , u can try again your miserable attitude of the past , of opening wars just before epics when u have 1 party plus vs unprepared 2-3 guys and closing it asap.  or oppening wars only to clans with worse lvls and gears than yours.


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