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  1. Aribeth

    WTB RSC 13 for 10m AA

  2. Aribeth

    WTB RSC 13 for 10m AA

    WTB RSC 13, I can pay 10 m AA
  3. Aribeth

    Dynasty Heavy set + Shield

    What is price of Dynasty heavy set with shield please (no attribute, no essence)? Thanks for answers.
  4. Aribeth

    Nejde se mi přihlásit

    A vytvořil sis herní účet nebo se přihlašuješ přes forum login a heslo?
  5. Aribeth

    Discussion for Falling Star Event

    How to obtain event recipe? Droping from mobs?
  6. Aribeth

    RSC 13

    WTB RSC 13 pm me here or pm Bellatrix in game Thanks
  7. Aribeth

    Vstup na servry

    Občas se mi to stává, když je prodleva mezi přihlášením a mezi kliknutím na příslušný server delší. A kupodivu to není až zas tak dlouhá prodleva. Pak se musím přihlásit znovu a už to jde.
  8. Aribeth

    WTB RSC 12

    Still active, pls, I want to buy RSC12.
  9. Aribeth


  10. Aribeth

    WTB RSC 12

    Hi, I will buy red soul crystal lvl 12, please. Send me pm here
  11. Aribeth

    Weird aggro?

    On GF servers mobs are more agressive towards "the weakest" characters. For example in Varka mobs become more agressive towards character which is there only for exp (10 lvls between them), do nothing (no heal, no attack). So, it depends on how the server determines the weakest one.
  12. Aribeth

    come on guys, help grow Shrine

    That's true. All servers I played on ended by admin when it was not profitable for him anymore, or and more often they ended because everyone had everything and they got bored. I like this low rate. No hurry, a lot of fun for the future. Be all at the cap with top gear is fine on pvp high rate servers. Not here.
  13. Aribeth

    Set a cap on number of boxes

    If this disturbs you, so grab your active clan members and go kill him and than kill RB yourself. PvP in one person only with boxes is pretty difficult against amount of active players... And why this had to be bot?! Just over-buff - BD, SWS, EE, WC, craft? and maybe some friend to exp afk. I take same to catacombs or ToI, sometimes I log buffers and my husband is DD :). And macros are the best - 2 sets of dances for 1 macro with /delay. And macros are part of the game. Maybe it is way meant to be played by NCsoft
  14. Aribeth

    Antharas/Valakas Circlets

    So, item is existing in database, but there is no possible way to obtain it here by drop or quest in spite of there is label on it that it is presented to the player that defeated boss? Oh, bloody Koreans, what did do with that game... Maybe by some event...
  15. Aribeth

    Antharas/Valakas Circlets

    I did not mean quest, I mean droping it from boss...