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  1. It happened to me 2 days ago and i recorded it. Only on one account. Well it just happened No special circumstances.
  2. I have this bug sometimes too (very rarely). It happens sometimes when I have multiple boxes on, switch windows and do sth in the internet. So probably it is related with lag. Character is running randomly away from mouse clicks and when i click restart it says disconnected immediately. It happens very rarely so I just ignored it.
  3. yeah, 4 of us are active
  4. Doc

    LF CLAN / CP

    Raczej nie ma żadnego aktywnego polskiego klanu. Polaków gra kilku i są rozrzuceni po róznych klanach i/lub grają w kilkuosobowych cp (tak jak ja np.).
  5. I love this server and I hope our population will increase. But logically thinking - it is rather unlikely. Lineage 2 community think that new server is a solution to all problems. So lots of player just keep quitting and joining for years. Shrine is 8 months old which is quite a lot - major turn off for clans with some ambitions to rule. Our hope is in casual players and CZ/SK ppl who consder this server as their home and will maintain population around 150-200 till the update comes. We need a lot of luck - if interloods close, an update comes with adverts and our endgame-nolifers stop being pricks(hehe just kidding it's impossible) then we may have a chance to lure former shrine players and new players. That's my opinion. I don't really know what to do, I like playing here But that's just me - I play here with my main support class which cant even pvp well. So I started to enjoy pve (it's steady and soothing for my rl stress ) and supporting my friends. BTW: currently we run 3ppl-mini-cp and we are open to meet new ppl. If someone here wants to join us (or make an ally with us lol) mostly for chit-chat, some farm, rbs etc just leave me a pm here I wanted to write some more about what I hate here - but it makes no sense, that's jsut minor issues. Some ppl are cool and nice and some are just assholes acting like they have no other life achievements other than l2. It is just L2 community like everywhere. So, my conclusion is.... dunno. Let's hope it will be ok, advert server and enjoy the game, while GMs work for GE update. Oh and one last thing: Emca, pls, next time adjust events so that it is less retail and more adequate for 8months old 5x community.
  6. Farming in Gracia for players that dont have cp but only play solo or duo is pain in the ass. You are almost unable to farm hb efficiently without cp/stacked destro. Interlude was more fair in reaching endgame stuff...
  7. LOL dunno if it is more sad or funny. Rly might LR playing from the very first day of server needs help to fight against clan that is playing about half that time and is undergeared?
  8. Hello! It is always nice to see new players. Community is not so big, about 200ppl playing during week and about 300-400 at weekends. GMs even said sth about 800 acc but Im not sure. Maybe GM would say something more about server traffic Most people that I met here are casual players that have families, jobs etc. so they only few hours after work to relax. Ofc there are some nolifers fully equipped and stacked but it's minority. Find a clan that suits you with academy reward. If you are CZ/SK you won't have troubles with finding company. If you are looking for international clan - there are some also. Server is really cool but not so big community. Pros: it's stable, no donations at all, no bots, great helpful GMs. Just give it a try
  9. So, Emca, do you know sth more about that sc and lilith
  10. Jeśli szukasz klanu polskiego, żeby sobie tylko pogadać po polsku i nic poza tym to AT. Jeśli jeszcze chcesz z kimś pograć to szukaj innego.
  11. Doc

    Pailaka 73

    Yup, I know. But if you don't enchant it and talk to last npc - u have to waint 90min so it resets and reenter kinda unconvenient