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  1. bst for u definitely Cata cause of AA that u can exchange for bunch of adena
  2. 2 Sidd: only Oldschool or MoragThong clans ....they are kind of international ...
  3. u will possibly play only with our brother or with any ppls u take with u 🙂
  4. Aphr0


    dnt worry man ....this server immortal 🙂 ....and more important with no donate, P2W, small community ....but best server .....also no WIPE ever policy ppls that run this server are also working on new one .... H5 chronicle that shoul start at autumn
  5. srver is alive like never before ....i mean it seriously ....some small changes to setup ....some old ppls came back ...some new faces also found this server ..... if u wanna just come and enjoy it .... btw official site doesnt work for long time ....only this forum site ...but here is everything u need to play on ...
  6. Hi Emca, Jorn, i see some kind of bugg with my Vesper Fighter +10 + SA Focus (96 crit. rate) instead of 123 crit. rate it should have ..... i actually use my Icarus Hands +8 + SA Focus (106 Crit. rate) .....it is right like it should be ..... Could u please look at that and repair it .... thx for any answer
  7. i suggest u try to PM Mr. Warpig ...cause he needs help a lot ....especially with Tiats to be able to make tons of S crystals through OE Honestly ...it should be the best option u can have here ....cause as he said ....they are international clan ..... with all clan skills / squad skills / territory wards ...so it will be maybe the best for u ....and im sure guys in clan will be willing a lot to help u both 🙂
  8. u can farm it up by yourself ...just go to GREEN or Chimeras
  9. Aphr0


    send me Mail in game to Orph / Phobos / Wyhull .....i will send Payment Request
  10. wanna Tlm Gloves?? ..... send me Mail in game to Orph/Phobos/Wyhull ..... i think i have plently of them ...
  11. jsi nehral hooooodne dlouho asi ..... tos asi hraval nejaky mid a high raty ....tohle je klasickej starej low rate ....takze sup do kostela a ucit skilly
  12. thats bullsh1t Fido .... vote reward doesnt work for about week ...at least ..... no way it works .....
  13. will solve it today or in next 2-3 days ...
  14. didnt used it C0ckblokula/OpheliaCumming?? .... i saw him in game last few days ...and using BarryMapole etc. ...