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  1. srver is alive like never before ....i mean it seriously ....some small changes to setup ....some old ppls came back ...some new faces also found this server ..... if u wanna just come and enjoy it .... btw official site doesnt work for long time ....only this forum site ...but here is everything u need to play on ...
  2. Hi Emca, Jorn, i see some kind of bugg with my Vesper Fighter +10 + SA Focus (96 crit. rate) instead of 123 crit. rate it should have ..... i actually use my Icarus Hands +8 + SA Focus (106 Crit. rate) .....it is right like it should be ..... Could u please look at that and repair it .... thx for any answer
  3. i suggest u try to PM Mr. Warpig ...cause he needs help a lot ....especially with Tiats to be able to make tons of S crystals through OE Honestly ...it should be the best option u can have here ....cause as he said ....they are international clan ..... with all clan skills / squad skills / territory wards ...so it will be maybe the best for u ....and im sure guys in clan will be willing a lot to help u both 🙂
  4. Aphr0


    u can farm it up by yourself ...just go to GREEN or Chimeras
  5. Aphr0


    send me Mail in game to Orph / Phobos / Wyhull .....i will send Payment Request
  6. wanna Tlm Gloves?? ..... send me Mail in game to Orph/Phobos/Wyhull ..... i think i have plently of them ...
  7. jsi nehral hooooodne dlouho asi ..... tos asi hraval nejaky mid a high raty ....tohle je klasickej starej low rate ....takze sup do kostela a ucit skilly
  8. thats bullsh1t Fido .... vote reward doesnt work for about week ...at least ..... no way it works .....
  9. will solve it today or in next 2-3 days ...
  10. didnt used it C0ckblokula/OpheliaCumming?? .... i saw him in game last few days ...and using BarryMapole etc. ...
  11. Guys be patient ..... Jorn and Emca know it as well .....just lot of stuff in RL ...... u still can make some low lvls or buffpets ..... there is not such a big difference in exp gaining as is on high lvls .....u can also use it for low exp and getting manor goods etc.
  12. 2 Ahu: total bullsh1t ..... thats not fault of GMs .....it is fault of players ..... on the site there are clear rules of server and also strict recommendation to NOT SHARE GAME OR FORUM ACC ....end of discussion ....!!!!!
  13. Aphr0


    GM: .... vazne Vas nechceme nejak buzerovat nebo honit ...chapu ze to delate vsechno ve svem volnem case a z dobre vule abychom si my mohli nekde rozumne zaklikat ..... ale zcela uprimne musim rict za vsechny na serveru ze se s nim neco vazne deje .... protoze obdobne problemy mame v poslednich cca. 2 mesicich ( prijde mi to od toho eventu pres svatky co byl) vlastne vsichni od nas z klanu ....a nejen my .... i OS nebo Warpig psali nekteri ze jim to zacalo kritovat/zamrzat nebo ruzne jiny problemy z poslednich tydnu ( rupajici veci pri enchantu na +1, nefungujici naucena Rune kniha na Vakycka) buggy na oly ( je obcas videt do vedlejsich aren, pro padnuti okna a okamzitem nalogovani zpet jeste pred skoncenim odpoctu to stejne char uz nevezme ...tudiz hned ztrata bodu a nechut to vubec dal hrat) sam za sebe to vsechno jen musim potvrdit ....hraji tu temer od zacatku serveru ...a pamatuju ci casy kdyz jsem mel trebas i 5 oken loglych celej vikend nebo i dyl a nic nepadalo nebo tak ( porad mam stejny notas, providera atd. ) ...ted mam obcas par oken loglych a jdu na chvili AFK ....a behem 5-30 min mi trebas 2 z 5 oken zamrznou nebo critnou ..... pritom ostatni jedou uplne v pohode dal ..... zkuste se na to prosim vazne kouknout protoze server se vazne chova ponekud jinak nez na co jsme prvni min. 2 roky byli zvykli
  14. Aphr0

    Nabijeni SC

    zabijeli jsme vsechny 3 nebo kolik jich tam je nba spawn ....a proste ani z jednoho jsme nikomu nic nenabili ... .....a to jsme vazne otocili asi 8-10 T rexu ..... :(.....vsichni mame nabijeci Q nabranej, jen jeden SC v invu a dostatek mista v invu ...nechapeme kde je problem ....
  15. Aphr0

    Elven Elder oly

    i dont care about fu*king olly ...but really want to know what is it for dnb song man ... it is great banger !!!! brutal neurofunk ... nice one ...u made my day