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  1. We are still going on the server, fairly gear'd. I know there isn't much going on just seeing if anyone is still around. Can private message me or in game InigoMontoya/KegCrafter.
  2. Oddly enough same thing happened to me... ( was in solaris' party ) Char: InigoMontoya got nothing, other chars DarkDiv, CovalentBond got normal rewards.
  3. I’d love to have an event, would be nice if it was on 24 hours so us in team America could participate... πŸ™ƒ
  4. Thanks all. Are sieges contested at all at this point?
  5. My wife and I are joining the server... we realize that it isn't alive but we enjoy grinding & farming and don't really require many other players to have fun. That being said we are curious if there are still any around that are looking for academy memebers. We currently have a number of chars coming up. If not no big deal we will just make our own clan and do our own thing. If there are still some that are looking for new people let me know.