What's wrong with this guy?

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On 10/16/2020 at 8:57 PM, yurkadd said:

I'll do this I thread the writings of this insane

Wut wut wuuuuut? What did I tell ya ignoramus? "use the tool designed for ignorant fools like yourself - google translate".

Your broken "english" is not really english.Now go cry me a river ignoramus. Hahaha


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Bhaahahahaha... The blyat is so bad, that he kind of confessed that IT started the "flaming" in the "shout" (now IT's whining about it) ...

19 hours ago, yurkadd said:

More then YEAR

(Oh yeah blyat ... THEN) ... and is also confessing about whining "someone to make it hero" .  So the blyat is nonstop whining about something. Keep whining blyat. But careful when participating in the geh pride... Comrade Putin will beat the "geh" outta you. (and the crap too).


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The Kamaz didn't stop to wait for you eh?  Finally blyatman is trying to use google translate...  Did you learn all that by yourself ...you "special" forces buddy? Hahahahaha

Ehhh...I meant "u friend". "Did you learn all that by yourself u friend ,  blyatman?"


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Blyatman is probably using yandex translate. The one from google might be a bit complicated for him.

Anyway... He ready to pursue a career as an AI in the Russian Institute for Kolkhoz Science now... section "Turnips&Parsnip".  turnip AI (or tAI) in RIKS. mazel tov Blyatman! Back in the Kamaz now.

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Furthermore using rip english as any argue argument is just insane lame... It's like you have nothing wise to say to support your side and just go with such shit to show you're even more stupid than ppl were expecting.

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5 hours ago, heroBD said:

unless ,there is pure hatred behind from the deepest part of your soul , and u dont filter the insults :D

maybe we could play detectives and find where this comes from ? learn the whole spicy details ?

Do you want the fast track storyline?

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