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  1. Sure sure...whatever you say dumbo. I'm his 3 account for "defending" wait to see his 5th. And If you think I'm going to explain myself to some giant fraudulent douche like yourself, you should take care about your mental health as well. Not even currently playing. Only if you knew that I'm currently with the same IP and not even in the same country... *poooooof* (his head explodes) ... *shit everywhere*
  2. Baaaaaaaahahahahahaha. Fight with saladin it says...kicked out it says... Wut? Wut? Butthurt much? Schizophrenia is a serious problem. Please continue. It's getting even more entertaining.
  3. The one that won't shut up ... I've already lost 2 out of 3 wagers and the attitude "he can't be that stupid". The fat one (heavyfat or whatever)? Then it tried to pass for italian...theeeen "the austrian madchen Davina"? And as I hear the last time he tried to pull "Pedro the retarded spaniard". So basicly Sponge Fat Square Head.
  4. asta


    I think you can make a couple more parties for Tiat ... just saying... if there is enough space on that excel page.
  5. asta


    Yeees... "motivation" ...
  6. The Kamaz didn't stop to wait for you eh? Finally blyatman is trying to use google translate... Did you learn all that by yourself ...you "special" forces buddy? Hahahahaha Ehhh...I meant "u friend". "Did you learn all that by yourself u friend , blyatman?"
  7. What war? Check its diaper for war. I prefer its whining. "If i not hiro on server, i leave from here" ...
  8. The word you are looking for is "illiterate", ignoramus.
  9. I'm not quite sure if this is the right place, but anyway ... Maybe in bug report (coz the lack of sh*t report) You can see what is the exact problem...riiiiight in the middle of this screenshot. Thanks
  10. Yeah! And free ice-cream!
  11. Well we were thiiis close to burn you at the stake for witchcraft mate...
  12. He is just taking the piss out of you mate.