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guys herobd stll enjoy playing this server. you can help him by setting HB to max lvl.

even if somehow server will be filled with players (impossible) you can set it retail again.

i only want to suggest keep happy current players just that. even if some parties

join server they need some time to reach farming at hellbound.

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we are already working on raising manually atm so scumbags like griffin go and buy books + essenses.

the problem is that after a bit of break from hb xp from the 2-3 people who xp there.... it will drop , and if nobody see it , and drop like to lvl 1 it will be hell 

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So cry me a rover... And more. That i dont know who IT IS? Human?got everything what je need a full whs bit he need mooooore on server with 10 active players And im bad one? Btw im not play here for month cause od you. I font need play with that morons,i Have a lot of problems in Real life And on my free time i need relax not listening for your shits.

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So when i found out that i cannot win against your clan on sieges,  and lost wards, should i emoquit too ?
I live for epics/aenkinels/olympiad for the last months.
there are literally hundreds of other things that you can do in game , and u have some company to do it too.....

sadly we cant have everything in this life. come in game, block me , ignore me , and enjoy your game.

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My enemys are the type of guys that wont open war.

My enemys is the type of guys who has 2-4 people playing during the week , but on siege they got 7-8 people "to have fun".

My enemys is the type of people that when they see they cannot win , quit.

My enemys is the type of people that will fight only when they have 99% chances of winning.


I m nearly solo atm here , lets say duo , and in every siege if i want something , i m already behind  with 1-2 vs 7-8.

U already have full epics in 2-3 people easily, if not more.

Explain to me now if i let you do epics , how exacly will i have enemys , and how will it improve the server for me or u, and how your gameplay will change.


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Also on really many occasions aq-tezza-baium was on for more than 1 day. If u want them , check them often.

About anthy-valakas , i still need 9 anthy-14 valakas.

So wait for 3-4 months , and then from time to time they will be free too.

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wasnt griffin the same guy who scammed own clanmates just bcuz he was a CL, and was too poor skilled to get those items himself?
Also that's quite funny if 1 person can block few from doing epics XD
Making fun of him is fine, but worse thing is that he dont even know it ;>

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Ok , @Jorn / @Emca . We got a bigger problem with hb...

We lvled it up from 7/8 to 10 recently , and didnt go inside citadel to farm for 3 days , and it dropped lvl AGAIN . 

This is pretty much non-maintainable.

3 years ago , and again around 1.5 years ago , we had same topics again and again , u said u would set it to full / not dropping so fast (it isnt dropping 1 stage/30 seconds and reach lvl 1 ).
I think u had set it back then , there wasnt a problem for long , but  now it was "reset" somehow . 

Please when you have some time fix it .


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