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  1. no market rewards anymore please, do not ruin our real lifes..
  2. vitality, adena, exp, haaaaaats...
  3. becouse winter is coming u moron
  4. From time to time i see players with trash, in offline shop. It looks like more as somebody really need starter pack as somebody who want troll somebody. It is good to invest here, so they stay here. Usually it cost small amout of adena.
  5. Serious Trolling HA HA HA HA HA HA. People dont need guide, people need money
  6. Not much competition for them, because they sacrifice their whole real life time to grind, grind , grind, so they reach cap. That is their failure, they reach end game so fast, they should play few hours dayli not 30hours per day...
  7. during week, stop dreaming , show statistics.
  8. 485 users with different IP