Money Quest: Relics Exploration

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Most of the veteran players will already know about this quest however people that are new to this chronicle may not. So if you are struggling with adena at the moment and are between the level of 40-56 go ahead and do this quest.

This is quest which everyone should be doing. Why? Because it takes 15-20 minutes and gives you 880,311 adena and the best part is you don't have to kill any monsters, you just run around! Its a one time quest, so do it on your box's as well to get the most of it. Even if you take away the teleport fees (assuming you are in Giran going to Dion) it costs 25,000 adena and 2 x SOE to complete this quest. So you still make a profit of 855,311 adena.

This is a chain quest so you will get 54,300 then 217,581 then 280,149 and lastly 328,281 adena.

You can start this quest at level 40 however it stops at 56. Why? This is because that's the last level you can enter Cruma Tower. For me personally I did these quests at lvl 50. At level 40 after the 2nd class quests you will be tired of questing and or have enough money for C grade its a bit later on when you start to run out. But that's up to you when you do it.

In Giran to to Head Blacksmith Kusto

2-02-2017 5-48-51 AM.png2-02-2017 5-48-33 AM.png

Talk to him and get the Quest: Relics Exploration

2-02-2017 5-52-37 AM.png

He will send you to go and see Lorain. She is located just outside of Cruma Tower. When you port from Dion turn around and go outside as soon as you go down the ramp look to the right hand side she is located just behind the rock.

2-02-2017 5-59-01 AM.png2-02-2017 5-58-31 AM.png

Talk to Lorain and continue the quest for Relics Exploration

2-02-2017 5-59-54 AM.png

You need to find Mastro Nikola (ignore the yellow pin / tracker below, look at where the arrow is above the letter "a")

2-02-2017 6-06-35 AM.png2-02-2017 6-02-55 AM.png

Talk to him about the quest. After talking with him he will give you Nikola's Map. The second part of the chain quest now starts called Nikola's Cooperation - Consideration

2-02-2017 6-03-04 AM.png

Now go back to Lorain

TIP 1: You will see at chat box 5 she tells you to wait. You can close the chat box and then just talk to her again and continue.

TIP 2: Keep a note of the passcode number in box 8 you will need it in the next step.

2-02-2017 6-07-38 AM.png

You will now need to go to the 2nd floor of Cruma tower. From Lorain go to the ramp that you came down on in the beginning of the guide and talk to Gatekeeper Mozella. She will teleport you to the first floor. Then talk to the Gatekeeper Penelope and she will take you to the 2nd floor.

2-02-2017 6-09-16 AM.png

Once on the 2nd floor go straight up till you come to a "T" junction and then turn right and then left.

2-02-2017 6-10-37 AM.png

When you arrive you will see a Destroyed Device NPC, talk to it.

2-02-2017 6-12-24 AM.png

2-02-2017 6-12-38 AM.png

As soon as you finish talking to it another NPC will spawn called Alarm. Talk to the Alarm NPC

2-02-2017 6-12-53 AM.png

Remember the code that Lorain gave you? You will need that now!

2-02-2017 6-13-03 AM.png

Now that the alarm has been disabled talk to the Destroyed Device NPC again. You will find the quest item Metallograph.

2-02-2017 6-14-01 AM.png

Now go back to Lorain. Hand in the quest.

2-02-2017 6-15-33 AM.png

Talk to Lorain again to start the next chain quest called Nikola's Heart

2-02-2017 6-16-19 AM.png

Go to Nikola and continue the quest

2-02-2017 6-19-42 AM.png

Now go to the Head Blacksmith Kusto and hand the quest in.

2-02-2017 5-48-33 AM.png

2-02-2017 6-24-24 AM.png

Talk to Head Blacksmith Kusto again. You will now start the next chain quest called Lost Dream

2-02-2017 6-25-22 AM.png

Magister Juris is located inside the magic guild in Giran.  Talk to her about the quest. (I am missing the 3rd dialogue box will add that in the next run)

2-02-2017 6-28-58 AM.png2-02-2017 6-27-05 AM.png

2-02-2017 6-27-26 AM.png

She will tell you to return to Head Blacksmith Kusto

2-02-2017 6-27-26 AM.png

Now go to Lorain outside the Cruma Tower.

2-02-2017 6-32-54 AM.png

Now go and talk to Nikola

2-02-2017 6-34-22 AM.png

Now the last and final step go back and talk to Head Blacksmith Kusto

2-02-2017 6-37-05 AM.png

Enjoy the Adena :) 

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Thank you for tip. 

I completed first part of  Relics Exploration. I received  Metallograph but second quest  Nikola's Heart did not appear. 

Edit: I completed all quest and ended at BS Kusto. But there was different names of quests, NPCs and locations.

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update, edit
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On 7/9/2020 at 8:44 AM, Clement98 said:

I would like to buy Adena because I don't have time to get it lately. Did anyone buy currency in any of these stores? Is it safe? Anyone have any experience?

I buy it from mobs

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