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  1. ooooo sad cause normal spoil rate is a shittt for a server 4X... Ty
  2. I think after restart it changed..can you check pls? Ty
  3. Adena,drop and SPOIL RATE are incresed to 4x in ALL DAYS OF EVENT or only GIANT MICE RESPAW TIME?
  4. About clan I agree with you..Its not good give this advantage...but pack for newbie players its great since the itens wont be tradable.
  5. Hola nuestro clan es level 6..somos pocos jugadores, pero la mayoría san sudamericanos .. jugamos sólo por la noche, porque todo el trabajo ..todos son bienvenidos Si usted está interesado pm Lua...Avadon o AuL.. Gracias
  6. Giant mice will spawn between approximately 20:00 and 21:00 UTC+1. Adena, drop and spoil rates are increased to 4x during this event! ===================================================== Then Americans that have normal life and work or study will never see this GIANT MICE cause we are at work or school at this time.
  7. realy strange..then are all these webs wrong? http://lineage.pmfun.com/item/4158/recipe-doom-plate-armor.html http://l2.dropspoil.com/item/4158/recipe-doom-plate-armor.html http://gracia.l2portal.com/gracia/Item.aspx?ID=4158 Can we know what data base of drops/spoil is useded this server? TY
  8. Hi..I do not like to be giving opinions because I have always believed that the server's staff should keep in mind what to do, but I know they always want to know the opinions of community. Honestly I think if anything should be changed it has to be to attract new players and not to facilitate the game for those who already play. The server still have Heroes and more. We need changes to atract new players. I know you want a retail server, but all need remember the reality of actual L2 community that each month is fewer. I have some ideas to atract new players and I can pm admin if he is intere
  9. Register to Participate To particpate, players must register through the Mercenary Captain of their chosen territory. Whether you are in a clan or not, anyone outside of that territory's castle owning clan can register for participation. You can register either as an individual, or you can register your entire clan at once. Any clan member who has the appropriate clan permissions can register their clan in a territory war. Individual particpants who want to join as mercenaries must register for themselves. Only characters level 40 and above who have co
  10. Sry but where did you see zerg clan in this server? The only thing I saw in all this history is that some clan had benefited with WRONG TW schedule
  11. Olá..Vá a nosso forum que terás todas informaçõe
  12. Olá..já te respondi e nosso forum.. Bem vindo
  13. Hi I am new here but I have some experience in L2 comunity..for exemple: I dont play at a server before see the features and their forum. This kind of post in public difucult a lot get more ppls. A guy come to know the server and see all talking about low population and methods to get more ppls. I think you could have some section of forum that only registered members read.. to discuss all this. About vote system..yes its too complicated maybe something added to cp be more easy..guy login..vote and get some reward like a coin to use and get PA for 24 hs. You have an advantage in hav
  14. Can you find a proxy for soth americans players?