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  1. Any chance you will restart server during night? It would be also helpful cause of Clan leader transfer we got in progress:] Btw my pings are 20/26/225 so that seems ok..
  2. Last time was Yday morning. Never had this issue before. Anyway restart of router does not help , so don't know what to do:]
  3. I will try to reset my router and see what happen.
  4. Im not even able pass logging screen,.
  5. I cannot log in, and my friend has huge lags and cannot gets vote rewards. Are you also experiencing the same?
  6. WTS common bow of peril EWA , EAB , EWC and TOP lifestone lvl 61 Pm Here or mail to Araven
  7. Thx for info, Sadly I learnt it 10 minutes after from a friend who logged in . But I really appreciate your advices:]
  8. Hi, I would like to ask what is the minimum lvl Req to participate in Territory wars and what lvl a chars needs to be able to produce Q reward when killed. So far I got from reading patch notes that lvl 40 + 2nd is enough for everything. But I remember and that is the tricky part because we played mostly on RU severs that lvl 61 was required to get reward , meaning You need to kill only lvl 61 + which is also registered in different territory to get Q item from him. Can someone correct me? My suspicion is that , this was custom on RU server so it is harder to create boxes for TW ..