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  1. savarus


    Yes, we have some players on american timezone. And we are looking for OL players aswell You should join us, the clan is raising fast and full of good people, we have a ch in goddard and got Giran Castle last week.
  2. savarus

    Server Proxy

    267 ping on [SK] and im in the same city that @Tschis
  3. savarus

    How did you find out about L2Shrine?

    Saw a topic on reddit/r/lineage2 two moths ago.
  4. savarus

    Server Proxy

  5. savarus

    Server Proxy

    Id think only USA VPS servers will match that rent price, and it would be awesome already, because our ping should be at 100 - 120ms in USA servers.
  6. savarus

    Server Proxy

    Hey, just wondering... Are u guys planning on have a proxy for players who live in GMT -3 and near regions? Im asking cuz we are playing with 320+ms atm, and im sure that its almost impossible to play late game contents with this ping. :3
  7. savarus


  8. savarus

    Any NA (-8 GMT) players?

    -3 GMT here. Lets try!