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  1. MilAgro


    Welcome to all the new members! I updated the starterpost a bit. We still have space for some more ppl, so go and apply ingame Its been working well this way
  2. Indeed I can take you into academy and help you out a bit
  3. MilAgro


    Nice, many applied and joined the Clan. We are looking for more DDs! See you ingame
  4. Hi, na alles fit? Kannst mich ja mal ingame pmen und TS kommen, wenn du bock hast. - Lusi
  5. MilAgro

    1/2 quest proffesion

    Noone is that bored to make quests for 1/5 EUR/ h. I smell you are scripting aka. botting those. There are scripts for every class quest.
  6. Got 2 main class spoilers in Clan, almost every member has a spoil toon and every1 is hoping the rates for spoil are just bugged Ofc if you played on a hardcore Server before the rates here feel good, but in the end I think the rates have TO FIT to one another. With medicore leveling, but hardcore gearing it just doesnt fit well in my opinion.
  7. They are rus/ukr nolifers/botters. Every Server has them
  8. Cool stuff that all here united in SeeD and run a successful Clan now Btw, this attitude is very good pinky. Thats exactly how I see it.
  9. Coole Sache. Ham uns ja schon ingame getroffen ^^ --Lusi
  10. Check out our new Thread for joining the Clan
  11. I guess he realized the Clan is not as casual as he wanted it to be and since he has to do a lot in RL in future he better broke up with it now. Thats my guess...and its ok. We form a new Clan and announce it on the forums I guess!
  12. So, I voted successfully on all 5 sites for the Server and restarted the launcher and the game and hit initialize ingame. Stil no Buf whatsoever Edit: Aha, now I got it, must have been some kind of delay. Sry
  13. Unlimited boxes. Its in the Server rules^^ Edit: Ah btw Kirito can you register my Account on your forum?
  14. Awesome! I suggest making an extra game account for Crafter / Spoiler, so you can box them for shop etc.