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  1. VaJuR

    Dont worked

    Big Tnx =) Close topic plz
  2. VaJuR

    Dont worked

    Dont see system message in chat, and dont can't give paty other chars. Client from this site, updated. Sry my english poor.
  3. VaJuR

    New Server

    Find here clan for you self and be happy.
  4. VaJuR

    LF academy

  5. VaJuR

    Wipe sServer

    Need more drams.
  6. VaJuR

    Wipe sServer

    +1 for events
  7. VaJuR

    Small update on hard work on Epilogue :)

    Thanks, waiting for GE =)
  8. VaJuR

    Newbie newb, hello everyone

    Hello and Welcome
  9. VaJuR

    Warsmith quest bugged?
  10. Drop letters very bad.