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  1. I totally agree with u my friend. I just want to know if its usefull for the dagger class !
  2. Hi, I have a question about the wolves and dagger classes ! Are the wolves needed by dagger class while exping / pvp ? I'm sure it would be great help when killing rbs etc. but is it needed while grinding ? Dagger cuts almost half hp from x4 mobs in catas with a backstab / deadly. would a wolf be usefull ? I am asking specific for dagger classes I know its must have for tanks / dwarves / ols etc. Thanks
  3. So we will start here and play peacefully and enjoy the real rpg, cause there are no more servers like this !
  4. Good afternoon, I read the features of the server and it's great there is still a server without donate, low rate, no customs.... BUT, after me and my friends made a complete search on the internet in forums etc. I heard many ppl would like to play here if the server was new ! Its an honor for the staff having a server like this but I agree that it would be great not to wipe but create a new server like the existing and see how it goes. My job is statistic manager and I really think that not only all the ppl that searching for a low rate will join but even the ppl left the server wil come back. Also the community still exists in the server would love to join ! Some friends of mine played here and told me there are a few ppl end game, some ppl soloing without a chance and 2-3 clans that are not even compared. If there is a chance of a new project can you please inform us so we can prepare parties etc. to join L2 Shrine ? Best regards,