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Found 3 results

  1. Dear players, you might have heard that we will switch to Epilogue on 1st October. We thought we will roll out Epilogue in smaller updates, but it turned out, that it's not so easy, thus we will introduce Epilogue all features we so far implemented. Those include: Vitality Territory War Changes Vanguard Improvements Skill Enchanting Skills Hunting Grounds Zaken Raid Changes Seed of Infinity Changes Quests Items Miscellaneous Changes There is still couple of things unfinished, namely: Mail Command Channel Matching Refund system We are going to start advertising Epilogue update 14 days before actual release, advertising will include: Banners on most visited Lineage 2 forums Google Adwords Facebook Ads Vote sites Since we have almost 6 000 members registered, we will send email about the upcoming update to all of them. We would greatly appreciate if you, our community, could help us advertise the server as well before the update. If any of you has some PVP/RB/EPIC RB videos, please send them to me, we will share them on our Facebook page. We are going to provide newbie bonuses for new players and bonuses for new clans that will join the server, these bonuses include: Newbie Soulshots and Spiritshots B grade (players) Vitality items (players) Shadow armor and weapons B grade (players) Clan level 5 (clans) We will also enable EXP/SP/Adena/Drop/Spoil increased rate event from 1st October to 1st December so new players can catch up faster: 6x EXP/SP (7x for those who will vote) 5x Adena/Drop/Spoil We are also planning to release new control panel, with detailed statistics and drop / spoil updated for the Epilogue, however that will happen some time later after the release. We hope that Epilogue update will be a success. Best Regards, Jorn & Emca for L2 Shrine
  2. Please discuss the test server here (until @Jorn creates proper section for it) More info here:
  3. Hi everyone! We've done Epilogue update on our old server Eressea. The server is very old (around 5 years so it's really pretty dead) but it's still considered live server (with around 5 real people playing there) so there are no "beta" features or any other help for testers, but the server itself is 10x EXP/SP, 20x adena, 12x drop, 24x spoil, 7x RB drop with prolonged buffs, GM shop up to A-grade and soul crystals 11/12, global shout/trade chat etc (more info here in both czech and english) so it will be easy to test anything there during summer. If you want to help us testing Epilogue update, you can follow this howto: Copy whole Lineage II folder (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Lineage II) to Lineage II - test (so probably C:\Program Files (x86)\Lineage II - test) Download launcher for Eressea server and put it in Lineage II - test folder. Register web account on - excuse the old web design, the server is really very old; ALSO WE STRONGLY DISCOURAGE USING THE SAME PASSWORDS YOU USE HERE ON L2SHRINE Register game accounts - again WE STRONGLY DISCOURAGE USING THE SAME PASSWORDS YOU USE HERE ON L2SHRINE Run game through launcher (Eressea.exe) I'll ask @Jorn to create some testing section here on forum, until then please use this topic for discussion about the test server. You can report bugs and discuss Gracia Epilogue in this forum section: Also, please behave nicely to old players who still play there