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  1. Observer

    Respawn of World Bosses

    Baium respawn according to retail npcpos is respawn=168hour respawn_rand=48hour as @Emca posted There is a script/formula behind that numbers that its hard to find, the only way i can think of is : 168-48 = 120 (5 days) the spawn starts and the maximum random is +48hours. so from what i understand its the respawn - respawn_rand and then continues with unknown formula.
  2. Observer

    Respawn of World Bosses

    @Emca For Baium from my experience it always had been Baium: 120hour +(0-8hour), maybe it controlled from another script and not from this file?
  3. Observer


    DDos attack?
  4. Observer


    I don't know why this is not answer yet , but its Gracia Epilogue Client glitch, ncsoft fixed it on H5.