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  1. Hi. How to connect - step by step
  2. Upgrade - no. You can just trade low B to low B (Valhalla to Kris, Kesh, etc) at Blacksmith of Mammon.
  3. Yes. PP or Over. I mean PP useless until 83 lvl. But over get all buffs at 79 lvl. + it buffs all group. Your choose. check doorin mail. Btw i can exp ur crafter to 61+ if u need. Or 70+ for BSSS and SSS reg.
  4. Hey. For cheap start try warlock + PP or Over (for quick rebuff)+ WC + EE. No need S grade weapon, no need 150 attr, no need S grade set, good for start. U can easily finish 3rd quest with these characters. Plus u can start farming Den of Evil from 76+. Yeah boring exp but cheap. Dont forget about epic quest at 79+. About mages, if u cant log BD+Sws in same time, i think sws (77+) is better than BD for u. Just lvl it up to 77+. But for melee characters u need BD(74+).
  5. YOU MUST VOTE THROUGH BANNERS IN LAUNCHER OR ON OUR WEBSITE TO GET THE REWARD If you don't get the reward after voting, try clicking on the vote banners again to force our system to refresh your vote status
  6. С Баюмом включительно? Ведь для новичка основная проблема в нем если он решит квестом сделать себе нобл.
  7. аахах явно дестр был, им спешка никчему да
  8. In my opinion, the server will be dead when the players stop playing on it, I mean never. so what do we have at the moment? "Its Good, Goooood"(c) chill_to_play server, unique for many reasons. What about pvp? I dont think u find here dat much pvp dat u want. U can join any clan that is still alive and play quietly for a long time.
  9. WTB Dyna Blade clean. PM here.
  10. I can help u with that for free, if u dare give me dat SA for a few days.