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  1. Saludos a todos Somos una CP que forma parte del Clan Triskelion, reclutamos gente activa de habla española, sin importar la clase. Trabajamos de forma comunitaria, siempre hay algo que hacer. Hay ciertas normas dentro de esta CP que debéis saber: - Se siguen las órdenes del líder, es básico, aunque siempre puedes debatir con él de forma razonable, y por supuesto, aportar ideas nuevas y positivas para la CP. - Los materiales y el dinero se entregan al líder, él los administra y craftea. - Se trabaja por preferencias y objetivos para la mejora común.
  2. I like to see internacional recruitment clan :3 We will see how invictus you are in the future.. ho ho ho
  3. LoL, we just went for the wrong ones! Thank you!
  4. Waiting for your response Emca.
  5. Well, there aren't npcs where they should be, in fortresses. In territory War some fortresses have to be defended by npcs and catapults, I'm not talking about doors or gates, or clan halls, I am talking about the fortresses, that they are not active for attack them in Territory War. I think that is not "working", or buged.
  6. Yes, but, Why those that I said are not working? It's weird D:
  7. Greetings! I went with my CP to do some fortresses last TW, but the two fortresses that we visited were "unactive", is that posible? What are the active ones? Maybe, is it a bug??? Thank you in advance!
  8. I lost the books, all of them, I dont know how. I spent all evening doing quests. So this evening
  9. Hi! I did Trials of the Pilgrim and I am in the last step, but the last npc, Santiago the Hermit, wants TO BEGIN THE QUEST AGAIN LOL. I don't want to do again the quest,please can you fix it :/? I have all the steps in the log's quest , Incubus is the name of the character Thank you in advance!
  10. I like the desing of the web. Maybe a reminder message inside the game vote for us?! or it already exist? I came here presicely cos there aren't donations and it is low rates. I think the server is growing cos I'm here and I am new LOL! And I joined a clan that got a lot of new players lately, so it's not that bad. Maybe the game experience can improve if there is a party search tool (I love use it), I don't know if it is implemented already, or if it is something new of High five. And the people that have problems cos there aren't any internacional clan, why
  11. It takes time! This is a low rates, lol be pacient and go lv up! Enjoy the game killing others and doing parties ^.^