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  1. I have a stormscreamer lvl 7x. I had to play some bladedancer and a dwarf to get aincent adena which then I sold and used in multiple ways to get a simple homunculus sword at arround lvl 44. I managed to get karmian set only using my spare 2nd class - 3 quests reward. Wow it was so hard... by the time i was 52 i had it acumen and had shots money. Wow it was so hard....again. I don't see how player who spent some time before playing l2 does not see these few simple steps. And not to mention the 320.000 adena or so qurest reward only the dark elves get at level 21. Do y need to give more examples? If u start with the mentality that you need others to lend you money in the first place, why do you even play low rates? The money need only gets bigger. You need others to quest together, farm together....these kind of things. my advice - ask How to play the game. If u run into a good player who has played the class before, you might be surprised.
  2. Lending money is not an option. You will always need more as needs for every level differ. I doubt that anyone will lend you the amount. Instead if you would be willing to learn how to make the adena it would be much of a more long term "investment". No offence but "10 years of play" still would have gotten you some ideea of how the game works. 0r for example " Posted February 13 · Report post Looking for someone to do the second class quest for me on 4 characters (37,37,37,35) What do you get? Keep all the money from the class quests (3 of them already have 1 class quest done so it will be less that) At lvl 40 do the blacksmith quest and keep that money to You can add the characters to academy and get extra 300-500k (not sure what the going rate is) Upon completion I will give you an extra 1kk per character. 2nd class transfer needs to be completed by 3 days per character. Potential to earn 11kk for 4 characters. Probably suit someone who needs some extra adena and likes to quest. Send me a pm. " End quote. Thread in the same section before you posted.
  3. This one is really neat! @Emca @Jorn Can we start to do something about some advertisement? I for one really don`t want anything in exchange but to get more people to play here, because the server really needs it.
  4. Did Pailaka 61 again today, different char - this time it teleported the summon onto the ship - probably because it was the one faster than me that was attaking it while Lematan went to 50% hp. I was left on the stairs and i commanded the beast to stop hitting it brought Lematan with it - which should not happen and he was not healed by his minions and i killed him easy.
  5. tequilla


    Hi, I cannot exchange common C weapons at blacksmith of mammon. That should be possible i think up to B grade including commons.
  6. Hello, Pailaka - Devil's Legacy is bugged. As it should be, last boss Lematan has to get to 1/2 hp after that (Pmfun quote) He will teleport himself and you to the center ship once he has only half HP left. There he gonna spawn his minions, Lematan's Followers . They will heal him and also use some sort of binding spell on him. \ Which does not happen. It only teleports you to the ship and he stays stuck in center becoming easy frag. Admins pm me for replay if needed. I know some players might hate me but we should clean the server from exploits including this one. Regards
  7. I'm not saying its wrong. I think it would help to be a bit more complex maybe it would spring the curiosity of visitor potential players.
  8. Well for starters i`d really think more about a few options, people would join if there were: 1 - more visual and informational changes to the website (I.e: website design/art, offline/remote clan/account facilities, pole options, etc) Y/N 2 - more random events (kept in the strict rules of the server definition) Y/N 3 - randomization in the spoil/drop rate ( this here is a long discussion which can only be started if the admins consider this ) Y/N 4 - of some kind of reward for friend referrals or even clan referrals Y/N 5 - having a database over the server (which ofc there is in game via target system but its not accessible out of client) 6 - the server name and some kind of obvious insignia/logo would be advertised - the server advertisment is always the one that gets you there (unless you are a maniac like me and search the site's for specific servers of low rate) Y/N ............ right now i cant come up with other ideas, comment if you want your opinion over this heard with a string like 1Y2N...... Regards,
  9. Guys, Like Doc says Gracia Epilogue is indeed easy. I would like to point out a few things to players out here on the L2 Shrine: 1rst of all when I started the topic, I had in mind the same thing that the game should be more fun in larger groups, thus we should and must try to bring players to the server and this is not an easy thing to do. That is because there are serveral already running low XP servers out there still played and some of them even very new including classic l2 and the Lineage 2 NCSOFT's newly launched Lineage 2 classic however these are both subscription based - means you have to pay for each account each month. Let me tell you that this servers have changed the chronicles a bit and made it even harder than what we are playing here. That is because there are TONS of documentation and databases over Lineage 2 c3 trough Freya. And anyone who has played Lineage 2 before at least up to lvl 76 or 3rd class would know what to expect from the game and just go google this things. It's a 13 year old game. This brings me to my second point. This server has basically all you need to raise yourself characters up to at least level 76 and with a bit of time even to 3rd subclass. I'm not joking. There are quests at lvl 12-20 which you can do over and over again. There are mats to be spoiled at lvl 25 that you only can spoil at the same rate only after 60. There are drop rates increased of items which you can convert to crystals. There is a market, even tough one feels like a person owns half of the shops on a Giran Town alley... There are raid bosses. And probably some of you will be surprised to learn that I for one, think that sadly there are a number of unlimited boxes you can open. Yes I said sadly because in my opinion its a bad thing. Let me detail: the other servers mostly the classical ones have changed their quests in order not to be so easy to tackle. Because even tough few players are playing there - it would be even harder to evolve with no databases over the game. And it is! On top they are charging for each account you log every month with no or limit to boxes. Because you will soon realize opening boxes for yourself in an unlimited number allows you to basically play the game yourself and indeed become end game stuff pretty sooner than the rest, depending on your abilities and game awareness. It is also a bad thing because believe it or not even those "no-life" grinding tough time players don't like to play the server alone - do they? Who would they "rule" over ? Who would they compete? Isn't this the reason we all play? For the drama? But no actors no drama. And the unlimited box thus affects the life of the server too. Because once it will become more populated everyone will just rush towards endgame and there will be no variety in sieges, clan wars, party vs party or pvp, pk whatever you like. Because all will have the means to get themselves up very quickly to 80+. This being said, stop complaining that you don't have the means of leveling and raising a char. There are so many sites out there who can offer you tools for crystalization, aa exchange upgrade, quests etc... .you just have to realize if you like low-rates or you just want to go lvl 99 and pvp... And back to the point - yes no one likes to play alone and be on empty alleys in the cities. In case you didn't know you get X5 xp on all your accounts/chars for 12 hours if you vote before you log. It's a pretty big bonus too. So vote, post on forum, take your friends who like a hardcore'ish or just want to play some l2 and show them this site. Interact with server admins, with players. Honestly I think advertising the server as much as you can is the only best way to draw in quantity. Idk about quality ... Saludos,
  10. Hi, I've been playing a while now here mostly due to the low rate / free box combination. To mention that as most active players probably, i have played allot of l2. Despite the fact that the free UNlimited box might hurt overall, i still choose to play and I am wondering - is there anything we players (active) + gm - are doing to make the server more know? Because yes there are a ton of offline shops and a few players here in there shopping in Giran which is quite nice! But behind it all we should realize that keeping it a low population server wouldn't be healthy. Please admins and who ever feels the same if you want to have a good ol' l2 time here for the upcoming year(s) - let's try to improve and bring players ! I'm open to suggestions and in my free time i would like to make a stand in this. Cheers,